Frankfurt Skyline

Ask anyone about high-rise buildings in Europe, and they will almost certainly have one thing in mind: Frankfurt skyline. The booming European metropolis is the only city in Germany which has a skyline of very tall buildings. The skyline has become a landmark in the city over the last 30 years. Nearly 40 buildings in a fairly small area reach a height of more than 100 meters. These include 19 of the 20 tallest skyscrapers in Germany.

The Frankfurt skyline today consists of several clusters. Most of the high-rise buildings are in development areas such as the Financial District, the European District, and City West. As a result of the progressive bulk formation, these real estate locations have each developed their own high-rise scape in recent years.

 Top 10 Skyscrapers (Heights)

Tallest High-Rise
Commerzbank Tower (with antenna, 299 meters)

Tallest Structure
TV Tower (337 meters)

Oldest High-Rise
DGB House (31 meters, built 1931)

Oldest Tower
Eschenheim Tower (47 meters, built 1400)

Number of Tall Buildings
540 buildings (min. 22 meters, according to the City of Frankfurt)

Number of Skyscrapers
39 buildings (min. 100 meters)

Height Comparison of Skyscrapers in Frankfurt

Skyscrapers Frankfurt - List of Tall Buildings in Frankfurt - Height comparison of high-rise buildings in Frankfurt, Germany

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Compact City

Frankfurt has been a comparatively compact city. For example, Frankfurt has less space than the city of Venice in Italy, but three times as many inhabitants. Therefore, construction has always been tight in Frankfurt. In addition, the urban area is now encircled: the extensive green belt does not allow the construction of further buildings and no apartments may be built in the area of the entry lanes from the airport. But these are not the only reasons why there are high-rise buildings in Frankfurt.

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Tips for Visitors

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Frankfurt in the Future

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