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High-rise Maps Frankfurt

A lot of properties are constructed in the urban area of Frankfurt. This results in constant changes to the property portfolio: existing high-rise buildings are being demolished or converted, new high-rise towers are announced or construction begins. As a result, the distribution of the high-rise buildings on each map on this page changes almost every few weeks.

The SKYLINE ATLAS regularly documents the current status for dozens of current and planned real estate projects. The maps below show the location of the individual high-rise projects and the respective status of completion.

As of: 2022-01-22

High-rise Map - 100 Tallest Skyscrapers in Frankfurt

High-rise Map - Tall Buildings Under Construction in Frankfurt

High-rise Map - Planned High-rises in Frankfurt

High-rise Map - Top 100 Skyscrapers in Frankfurt (completed, under construction, planned)

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