Sustainability and Digitization

The topic of Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in the construction and real estate industry. Materiality in particular, but also digitality, are playing an increasingly important role. The primary aim is to minimize energy and resource consumption, reduce land use, and keep the impact of a building on nature and the environment as low as possible throughout its entire life cycle (construction, use, and deconstruction). The SKYLINE ATLAS takes a look at the most important trends.



The topics of sustainability and resource conservation are on everyone’s lips, and with them the keyword “ESG” more and more frequently. But what exactly does this mean and what role do ESG criteria play on the financial markets and in the construction industry?

Facade Greening


High inner-city sealing rates can have a considerable influence on the microclimate and lead to sometimes extreme temperatures in summer. For this reason, greening of buildings is becoming increasingly common, and recently also on high-rise building facades.

Building Certification


Global developments such as climate change, dwindling resources and demographic change are making sustainability increasingly important in the construction industry. To promote these trends, various certifications for real estate have been developed that assess the ecological, social and economic quality of buildings and thus also high-rise buildings.

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