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Video Productions

It is more and more common that the SKYLINE ATLAS carries out authentic video productions in the context of reports or partnerships. In terms of content, these films always revolve around the topics of architecture, real estate, or construction. This page here provides information about our cinematic offers and answers frequently asked questions about the production of these film productions.

To anticipate it: Companies can have video films produced by the SKYLINE ATLAS, which are then implemented “hands on” by the changing line-up of the production team. The recordings are designed according to a production concept, then filmed with professional dubbing, and afterwards edited. The different implementation variants are described below. Upon request, we can also carry out indivdual drone flights and insert video sequences into the film that are already present in our extensive media archive.

The sequence of a video production follows this procedure:

  • Briefing and conception: In the first phase, we compile the requirements and goals in a personal conversation. This is followed by a specific cost offer if you as a company initiated the production.
  • Video production: Definition of the location and the technology used. The basic equipment includes video cameras, microphones and various types of lighting and, if necessary, camera drones.
  • Post-production: After filming, the recordings are refined by professional editing, image processing, color grading, sound design, mix, graphics, and animations. For more complex productions, we fall back on a network of talented specialists.

The following production formats are offered: video interviews, video documentations, and aerial recordings.

SKYLINE ATLAS Video Interview

The SKYLINE ATLAS implements video interviews in various forms and formats. The video production is done from a single source in order to keep the production effort low. Such video interviews are created on our own initiative or on behalf of companies. In many cases, a video interview is accompanied by promotional measures on the website, in our social media and through our newsletter.

Price: on request

Video Interview upgrade:
The SKYLINE ATLAS promotes the video interview if you are a Premium Partner or have acquired a Highlight.

SKYLINE ATLAS Video Documentation

A video documentation serves to authentically present a certain topic, product or service from our perspective. The video production is done from a single source in order to keep the production effort low. Such video reports are created on the initiative of our editorial team or on behalf of companies. In many cases, video documentation is accompanied by advertising measures on the website, in our social media, and by our newsletter.

Price: on request

Video Documentation upgrade:
The SKYLINE ATLAS promotes the video documentation if you are a Premium Partner or have acquired a Highlight.


If you just need some high-resolution aerial photos or a specific video in 4K resolution, we recommend our documentary drone flights. You pay a fixed price, we take care of the rest with ease. You will receive the raw material after the drone flight or we can optionally use it in a video production to be created for you. Our drone pilots have an official drone driver’s license and approval from the Darmstadt Regional Council to fly drones in the city center of Frankfurt. Only suitable for small drone jobs without a director.

Price per 10 minutes of flight time or part thereof: 400 EUR net
Note: Flights above 50 meters cause additional costs for the Darmstadt Regional Council, which you have to pay additionally.

Alternatives to our drone flights:
Use of recordings from our media archive
Hire an external drone pilot

Not Right for You?

If you are more interested in the production of an image film or a building presentation, we recommend our cooperation partner Thomas Gessner, who has produced this type of film for many well-known companies.

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The SKYLINE ATLAS is the information portal about the Frankfurt skyline with hundreds of thousands of readers every year. The content is written by a volunteer editorial team. In the meantime, more than 30 people have helped to expand the SKYLINE ATLAS, including specialist authors, translators, graphic artists, photographers, video editing experts, and other specialists.

The income helps to cover the costs for ongoing operations and the implementation of media projects for the SKYLINE ATLAS by external service providers.

What you need to pay attention to:

You can also place an order online and pay online – please ask. We would also be happy to prepare a written offer.

Only a booking confirmation triggers a contract, because it always has to be first checked whether the customer and topics match the contents of SKYLINE ATLAS. The terms and conditions for digital services apply.

If you opt-in for term contracts with a runtime of at least 24 months, an additional discount of 10% is granted on the total value of these services or an alternative service that is at least as expensive (if offered by us).