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Frankfurt 3D

3D Frankfurt map - planned skyscrapers and commercial real estate research
Frankfurt, Germany - map of future highrise construction - panorama of Frankfurt

Coming soon: A time machine to visualize high-rise developments. The screenshots show a not yet complete stage of development.

The skyline has become an internationally recognized eyecatcher of Frankfurt. New skyscrapers are built every year and you can hardly recognize where exactly high-rise buildings are being built and planned. Computer animations of new high-rise towers are created, but these only show the status for the respective individual project and usually leave out other projects. The City of Frankfurt also tests the compatibility of drafts using a variety of simulations, for example also using the city model, but these developments usually remain hidden from the public until the individual towers are completed.

That should change with the 3D high-rise map of Frankfurt: The SKYLINE ATLAS is currently having all high-rise towers developed in a 3D city model. This will then include all completed, under construction and planned high-rise buildings in the city center. The 3D map will be available via the browser in order to simulate the state of affairs at a certain point in time: what will Frankfurt look like in 2024, for example? And towers that have already been demolished will follow in a later expansion stage.

Soon you will be able to experience our time machine with your own senses. Be informed immediately as soon as the prototype of Frankfurt 3D goes online exclusively for the readers of the SKYLINE NEWS. You determine the year, the location inside the city area, and the perspective of the 3D map!

Frankfurt 3D is realized in cooperation with SKYDB and 3DBuildings.