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What is a real estate developer?

A developer is a company that designs, creates and completes real estate projects. The developer accompanies the construction of a property in all phases. Often, however, real estate projects are not created for your own portfolio, but are then prepared for sale to one or more investors.

The developer takes care of the purchase of the property, planning, financing up to implementation and, if possible, full letting over the long term. The project development team is directly responsible for economic success and can be active from a variety of areas of activity, for example as a project company, construction company, owner, architect or broker. Normally, the project developer controls the property, the planning, the users, the subcontractors and the capital. An interdisciplinary team of specialist disciplines is involved, such as B. Architect, civil engineer, business economist, lawyer, urban planner or geographer.

As soon as the idea, location and financing for a real estate project are clarified, the project conception takes place. The task of the conception phase is to demonstrate the economic viability and feasibility of the planned property to a large number of participants – capital providers, future users, investors and, if necessary, the public. Therefore, various analyzes must be carried out in this phase, such as market analysis, location analysis, usage analysis, competition analysis, risk analysis and cost analysis.

Different Approaches

There are also different order models when involving a project developer, depending on who assumes the liability and the economic risk.

  • Activity as a construction supervisor and consultant: Acting without your own financial risk on the property, you act as a service provider.
  • Activity as a property developer: acting as a builder in your own name and for your own account. Assumption of the full project risk until the property is sold.
  • Activity as a portfolio holder: Acting as a property developer, with the aim of keeping the property in one’s own portfolio. Often found in financially strong areas such as real estate, banking and insurance.

The processes in the profession of project developer are regulated in Germany by law by the Real Estate Agents and Builders Ordinance (MABV).

Real estate developers in Frankfurt are often constructing skyscrapers - Skyscrapers in Europe - Tall Buildings in Germany

Project Developers in Frankfurt

There are hundreds of real estate project developers in the Frankfurt City Region alone. Not only local project developers are active in the real estate market, but also an increasing number of foreign or even foreign companies. The most famous project developers of tall buildings in Frankfurt include:

There are other well-known project development companies such as Lang & Cie and Wentz & Co, but these usually hardly develop high-rise projects in Frankfurt. Every now and then newcomers venture into the market for high-rise project developments such as Pecan Development, CV Real Estate, Immobel, UBM Development AG, QUEST Investment Partners, B&L Gruppe or Art-Invest Real Estate.

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