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One of the best platforms to be informed about the Frankfurt skyline - social media

SKYLINE ATLAS is not only an information portal about the high-rise buildings in Frankfurt, but also regularly posts excerpts from its own content and topics that are relevant to our readers on social media. This particularly reaches younger readers who would otherwise be less informed about relevant content. The aim is in particular to get people excited about Frankfurt. SKYLINE ATLAS now has more than 20,000 followers. Follow us too!

The Frankfurt skyline is basically a popular photo location in social media such as Instagram and Facebook, but only pictures are presented. The SKYLINE ATLAS instead offers additional information and links so that interested readers can dive deeper. SKYLINE ATLAS has thousands of followers on many social media platforms.

The information portal not only provides information about existing high-rise buildings, but also highlights current construction projects, explains the history of high-rise development, and talks to experts from business and politics. We often go new ways: The questions for interview partners are asked by the community, for example, our editors only bring the interview questions to a common thread.

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