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We Give Frankfurt's Skyline a Home

SKYLINE ATLAS is a primary source of information about tall buildings in the Frankfurt city region (2.7m population) with Frankfurt as its core city. SKYLINE ATLAS provides the public a permanent central location to discover content about urban developments in Frankfurt.

Numerous authors and creative minds produce the SKYLINE ATLAS. For decades the editorial staff has cultivated networks with experts in the real estate industry. SKYLINE ATLAS is known to many real estate decision makers in Greater Frankfurt. Thousands of people from the construction sector, the press, and the interested public follow Frankfurt’s urban development online here.

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More Than 500 Pages of Contents

SKYLINE ATLAS is a mix of architecture guide, news source and history book. The content is always kept up-to-date, and it is expanded at irregular intervals. SKYLINE ATLAS contains not just information about individual towers, but focuses also on the history and future of high-rise developments in Frankfurt. Additionally, artwork like NEO NOIR, BOOOM and Frankfurt ZERO is becoming increasingly important. SKYLINE ATLAS currently has more than 500 pages.

In addition to reports, statistics, and special interesting facts, SKYLINE ATLAS particularly wants to support the positive recognition of high-rise buildings. Our city region and its development areas do not thrive solely on the height of its buildings, but on the fact that people feel comfortable here and that Frankfurt will remain affordable. SKYLINE ATLAS therefore serves not only as a reference book on Frankfurt skyscrapers, but also as an innovative communication medium for the exchange of arguments and ideas.

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In the Media

The contributors of SKYLINE ATLAS are known from interviews as well as publications in numerous media and newspapers. Reports about these personalities have appeared in media such as ZDF TV, N-TV, dezeen, BBC News, Handelsblatt, and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

More Than 800,000 Readers per Year

A rising number of people are gathering information about buildings in Frankfurt thanks to SKYLINE ATLAS. Every year more than 800,000 readers are reached through our own websites.

The special thing about the key figures is actually not the number of readers, but their length of stay. While today 2 to 3 minutes of average visit time is a good value for websites, the readers spend more than 5 minutes of average reading time here. An indication that many people are captivated by the content.

The website is also available in a German language edition.

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SKYLINE ATLAS - Editors - Olaf Cunitz - Michael Wutzke - Thomas Gessner
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Thanks are due to the authors and creative people who regularly support SKYLINE ATLAS with content and ideas. Big thanks go to all supporters working for real estate and architecture companies as well as the administration. Companies commission our drone pilots to carry out drone recordings in Frankfurt or act as sponsors. This support and their feedback make this publication useful to others.

Participants and Partners

Special thanks go to Martin Bischoff, Holger Börner, Olaf Cunitz, Thomas Gessner, Ralf Jock, Markus Joldzic, Daniel Kieckhefer, panther34Jürgen Petzold, Stefan Pützenbacher, Rick Rieck, Frank Reuter, skylineguru, Mario Stock, Mandy Urban, Konstantin von Wedelstädt, Martin Wentz, Sandra Wutzke, Michael Wutzke, and our interview partners. In total, more than 30 authors have contributed so far. You are also welcome to use the offers of our cooperation partners.

Projects Having a Public Purpose

The income from sponsorships flows into the provision of the IT infrastructure, the coverage of costs for drone flights, and the creation of project tasks by external media agencies. Our own media projects always generate a public benefit. These include the projects Frankfurt ZERO, the handicraft sets Architecture with Sauce, and our popular coloring pages for children.

Feedback desired

If you have a fascination for high-rise buildings or the history of Frankfurt, you can contribute to the editorial work or send your suggestions for improvement. As a reader you can also our topic-related meetings, such as SKYLINE LUNCH and SKYLINE ATLAS on the fly.

Commerzbank Tower and Main Tower
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Outlook for the Next Developments

SKYLINE ATLAS has been a growing success story since its launch at the end of 2016. But since then, not much has changed in terms of the organization of the content, the user guidance, or the look of the website. Therefore, SKYLINE ATLAS is now gradually subjected to a fresh cell treatment.

There will be themed worlds that will accompany users in their exploration of content: architecture, visitor tips, real estate management, city history, as well as media and art. Thereafter, a members area is to be introduced in order to give the group of more than 1,000 recipients as well as the followers in the social media a better platform.

We also plan discussion evenings at which invited speakers will meet experts, companies, interested parties, and politicians to discuss topics relating to Frankfurt’s urban developments.

And one more thing: This is just the beginning, we have a lot bigger plans.


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