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Everything you need to know about Tall Buildings in Frankfurt

The SKYLINE ATLAS is a digital book to experience high-rise buildings as well as real estate in Frankfurt and the surrounding cities (because the suburbs and Frankfurt are one and the same). The SKYLINE ATLAS is intended to provide the public with a permanent central location where relevant, up-to-date information about the high-rise buildings in Frankfurt can be found. The SKYLINE ATLAS currently has more than 300 pages, it is always kept up-to-date, and it is expanded at irregular intervals in content.

In addition to reports, statistics and our specialist ‘worth knowing’ details, SKYLINE ATLAS in particular wants to support the positive aspects of high-rise buildings. Our city does not thrive solely on the height of its buildings, but on the fact that people feel comfortable here. The SKYLINE ATLAS is therefore intended to serve not only as a reference book on skyscrapers in Frankfurt, but also, in particular, as an innovative communication medium for the exchange of ideas.

Furthermore, you will find all relevant news about high-rise buildings and urban development ‘as it happens’. SKYLINE ATLAS focuses on the quality and depth of information. At regular intervals, SKYLINE ATLAS will be made available in special editions and excerpts as a printed book.

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About the Editor-in-Chief

The SKYLINE ATLAS is a project through which Michael Wutzke expresses his passion for the skyline of Frankfurt. Michael has been working on real estate research and programming for more than 15 years. He is a passionate IT specialist and currently working in the financial sector in Frankfurt (Germany). He is very interested in new business ideas, particularly in finance and real estate. With the SKYLINE ATLAS, he intends to make his extensive archive and knowledge about urban development in Frankfurt available to everyone free of charge.

Michael works as a member of the advisory board to real estate companies in the information sector in Germany and the U.S.A. Michael is also an author and a member of real estate organisations, as well as being well-known for his interviews and publications in numerous specialist media and newspapers. Reports about Michael have been published in:

manager magazin
BILD Zeitung
Handelsblatt Newspaper
FAZ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Michael Wutzke in German TV report (ZDF, in German, with English subtitles)

Up to 300,000 Readers per Year

A rising number of people are gathering information about buildings in Frankfurt thanks to the SKYLINE ATLAS. Every year the SKYLINE ATLAS reaches up to 300,000 readers and has thousands of followers in social media. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


Numerous co-authors, creatives, and translators actively contributed to the SKYLINE ATLAS. The website is also available in German, English, French, Russian, Chinese.


Many thanks to the co-authors, researchers and graphic artists who regularly provide content and ideas for the SKYLINE ATLAS. Special thanks go to Sandra Wutzke, Jürgen Petzold and Thomas Gessner.

Feedback desired

If you are fascinated by skyscrapers and the history of the city of Frankfurt then you are welcome to send your ideas for topics or suggestions for improvement to the SKYLINE ATLAS. Open the contact form

Frankfurt Skyline 2016

The SKYLINE ATLAS goes beyond just general information about high-rise buildings and explores also the history and the future of high-rise buildings in Frankfurt.

Michael Wutzke, editor-in-chief of SKYLINE ATLAS

Michael Wutzke is the editor-in-chief of the SKYLINE ATLAS and works in Frankfurt (Germany). According to the Handelsblatt newspaper, Wutzke is the “inofficial chronicler on Frankfurt’s tall buildings”.

ZDF Sendung Risiko zum Thema Wolkenkratzer

Michael Wutzke participates in the ZDF quiz show, Risiko (German TV) on the subject of skyscrapers and wins the 5-digit jackpot of the show.

Skyscraper Festival Frankfurt Logo - Wolkenkratzer Festival

As a media partner, Michael created the official website, flyer and the official map of the course for Frankfurt’s Skyscraper Festival in 2001.

TOP TRUMPS - Skyscrapers - Card game - Michael Wutzke

Michael’s photos were repeatedly used for the famous TOP TRUMPS’ skyscraper card game.

SKYLINE GUIDE Germany 2000/2001 - by Michael Wutzke -

In his paperback book, SKYLINE GUIDE, Michael Wutzke sheds light on the development of skyscrapers in Germany’s 7 major cities. Includes interviews and reports.

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