The Editor-in-Chief: Michael Wutzke

The SKYLINE ATLAS goes back to Michael Wutzke and Daniel Kieckhefer, who are the main initiators of the information portal. The SKYLINE ATLAS is intended to inform the public about the dynamics of the Frankfurt skyline. In the meantime, other authors and creatives have become part of the editorial team and the publication has developed an independence

Michael has been programming computer systems since his youth. Today he works as an IT expert in the Frankfurt finance industry and in this capacity designs functioning digital solutions. The architecture in Frankfurt and the commitment to the region are just a passion of him.

Michael Wutzke - editor in chief

“The unofficial chronicler about the skyscrapers in Frankfurt.”
Source: Handelsblatt Newspaper, Dec 12 2017 (German)

In the Media

Michael Wutzke has been dealing with the topic high-rise buildings since 1996. He is a book author and known from interviews and newspapers. Reports about him or SKYLINE ATLAS have been published in German publications such as ZDF TV, SPIEGEL ONLINE, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and other media.

Mr. Wutzke also writes publicly about Frankfurt’s urban development. His comments cover especially the lack of imagination of builders and architects. He also occasionally conducts interviews with personalities such as the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann, or architect Prof. Jochem Jourdan.

Profession and other Interests

Michael Wutzke is an IT specialist and works in the financial sector in Frankfurt. His current tasks there are the conception and programming of web projects as well as relocating systems into the cloud. Mr. Wutzke is officially certified by AWS, Google, and

AWS Expert Frankfurt - Michael Wutzke - Amazon Web Services

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