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Because we love this city: SKYLINE ATLAS is the community about Frankfurt and its skyline.
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Marcus - Gwechenberger - Planungsdezernent - Frankfurt - am - Main

New Head of Planning for Frankfurt

Mike Josef's long-serving advisor and office manager, Marcus Gwechenberger, is to become the new head of the planning department in Frankfurt am Main. The SPD has decided this unanimously. Especially...

Frankfurt in the Future

Frankfurt 3D - Europe skyscrapers - planned highrise buildings in Germany - Future of Frankfurt


 25 Towers Constructed Now (2023-05-31)

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Interview with André Friedel

André Friedel is responsible for BIM in Building Performance Project Management at Drees & Sommer. SKYLINE ATLAS met him exclusive in the ECB’s Skytower to talk about potentials of BIM, the BIM fitness in the Rhine-Main area and the special features in high-rise construction.


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