Central Business Tower in Frankfurt

Helaba skyscraper in Frankfurt Germany - former Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 and Württemberger Hypothekenbank project - KSP Jürgen Engel Architects - Animation 2019 - proposed office tower
Floors: 52 above ground
Height: 205.00 m
Gross floor area: 114,500 m2
Completion: 12/2027
Status: under construction
Usage: office

Central Business Tower Address

Neue Mainzer Straße 57-59
City: Frankfurt
District: Innenstadt
Zone: Financial District

Location Rating

Score: 93 of 100
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Involved Companies - Central Business Tower

Company Category
Helaba project developer
KSP ENGEL architecture office
Züblin construction company

At the intersection of Neue Mainzer Strasse and Junghofstrasse, a new skyscraper is to be built. The plans for the skyscraper are from the past and originated in the year 2001. The architectural design included an approximately 197 meters (646 feet) tall office building designed by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten (at the time known as KSP Engel und Zimmermann, today KSP Engel). In 2001, the Frankfurt based architectural office took first place in the competition sponsored by Frankfurter Sparkasse and Württembergische Hypothekenbank AG.

The planned tower by the KSP Engel architectural office has around 52 storeys and approximately 95,000 square meters (1,022,571 square feet) of gross floor area. With its transparent facade, the building will form a counterpoint to the adjacent twin towers of Deutsche Bank.

In mid-2018, the property was sold by Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 to the Hessische Landesbank (Helaba), which had also built the nearby MAIN TOWER. The project is being implemented by Helaba as client and project developer. The Helaba subsidiary OFB Projektentwicklung provides support in project management, while all construction activities will be provided by Ed. Züblin AG.

Alternative working titles for the skyscraper are Helaba Tower, Neue Mainzer Strasse 57-59, and Veritas. In the 1998 high-rise development plan, the Central Business Tower was known as Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 and Württemberger Hypothekenbank.

New skyscraper proposed for Frankfurt 2028 - Central Business Tower - lobby

Planning and Construction

April 2023: Shoring and foundation piles are still being constructed. Furthermore, the crane foundations are being prepared for two of four cranes, the erection of which is scheduled for the end of May.

Central - Business - Tower - Baustelle - Züblin - Helaba - CBT - Skyline - FFM - April - 2023

Status May 2022: Many different types of work are taking place on the construction site at the same time. Underground, the floor slab of the former high-rise building is being dismantled. At the same time, the foundation piles for the new Central Business Tower are being prepared. There will be a total of 86 foundation piles with a diameter of 1.80 meters – they will be set up to 60 meters deep into the Frankfurt soil.


Status January 2022: After a positive decision on the preliminary building application, the project can be implemented. Currently, demolition work is still taking place on the site until April 2022.

Status November 2021: The project details have been updated, the building is now called the Central Business Tower. The demolition work on the existing building is expected to start this month. A construction period of six years is expected. The construction company the Ed. Züblin AG has been commissioned. The skyscraper will be ready for occupancy by the end of 2027. Full completion is expected in early 2028.

Status May 2020: Helaba board member Christian Schmid stated that the World Cultural Museum (Weltkulturen-Museum) would receive a branch on the fourth floor on 900 square meters for 15 years without the need of paying a rent. No information was given on the start of construction or completion of the new skyscraper.

Status October 2019: The press office of Helaba stated that the project is currently under further planning and therefore no new information on this project can be published yet.

Central Business Tower Frankfurt, Germany - Helaba -KSP Engel
Frankfurt Central Business Tower - New Helaba Skyscraper designed by KSP Engel and developed by OFB Projektentwicklung
High-rise complex Neue Mainzer Strasse in Frankfurt Germany - Helaba skyscraper - KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten - Rendering as of 2019
Siteplan Helaba skyscraper Frankfurt - Neue Mainzer Strasse - Frankfurt CBD - Macro
Siteplan Helaba skyscraper Frankfurt - Neue Mainzer Strasse - Frankfurt CBD - Micro

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