Helaba Financial Centre Study: Questions to Dr. Stefan Mitropoulos

The Frankfurt office market and Brexit Interview with Dr. Stefan Mitropoulos The Economics/Research division of the Hessische Landesbank (Helaba) headed by chief economist Dr. Gertrud R. Traud and author Ulrike Bischoff presented their his study on the Frankfurt financial center in October 2019. The results in detail: First Brexit bankers arrived in Frankfurt 31 foreign



MAIN TOWER and Eurotheum almost never came into being

In 1985, Hessische Landesbank (Helaba) commissioned the architectural firm Novotny Mähner Assoziierte (N+M) to prepare an expert opinion for the development of the location where MAIN TOWER and Eurotheum are located today. This design, favored by N+M, was presented around 10 years before the plans for MAIN TOWER and Eurotheum were presented. Fortunately, they were



Reloaded: High-rise complex Neue Mainzer Strasse

More than 18 years ago, the architectural firm KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten (at the time called KSP Engel und Zimmermann) presented designs for a high-rise complex at Neue Mainzer Strasse 57-59 in the Frankfurt CBD. Since then, you did not hear much about the project. After acquiring the land plots Neue Mainzer Strasse 57-59 in

Neue Mainzer Strasse 57-59

At the intersection of Neue Mainzer Strasse and Junghofstrasse, a new skyscraper is to be built. The plans for the skyscraper are from the past and originated in the year 2001. This plan could now be taken into reality. In the 1998 high-rise development plan, the skyscraper project was known as Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 and