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SKYLINE ATLAS is a digital book about skyscrapers and real estate developments in Frankfurt. The publication has more than 800,000 readers per year and serves in particular for education. SKYLINE ATLAS is pleased to receive any further information, comments or suggestions for improvement. Please write your messages to our editorial team in English or German only – all other languages cannot be answered.

Phone number: +49 69 153 228 331 (Germany)

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If you would like to provide sensitive information in regards to planned construction projects or current developments, please provide as many details as possible (including who you are and how you learned about it). We guarantee anonymity to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SKYLINE ATLAS welcomes inquiries from newspapers, journalists and editors. SKYLINE ATLAS is regularly contacted by well-known media from all over the world. You are welcome to receive your reports

  • Market assessments,
  • Research tips,
  • Contacts to market participants,
  • Quotes for your article and
  • Access to images and videos.

Journalists can access the SKYLINE ATLAS knowledge and media pool free of charge. The SKYLINE ATLAS media archive contains thousands of high-resolution photo and video recordings about Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region. When using image material, the visible indication of source “(c) SKYLINE ATLAS” must be made. For websites, a dofollow link must also be created using “SKYLINE ATLAS” and including “” as a link.

Please write to if you are looking for a specific motif and the SKYLINE ATLAS will contact you with suggestions. You are also welcome to send us sound bites or quotes for your reporting.

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In principle, the texts and images from the SKYLINE ATLAS are used for educational means here and their use does not require the approval of the SKYLINE ATLAS. You can quote up to 10 contents with visible source “(c) SKYLINE ATLAS”. For websites, it is also necessary to link the “SKYLINE ATLAS” to “”.

Images: Use of images from SKYLINE ATLAS for non-commercial purposes is free of charge. If the image material is used commercially, license costs will be incurred unless the image material has been explicitly released by reference to the image.

What are non-commercial purposes? Essay at school or university, presentation at work (which is not for sales), use for private purposes in social media, use in online forums, etc.

What are commercial purposes? Offering paid services to third parties, advertising a property, use on a company’s website, company brochure, etc.

Third party copyrights: Please note that the use of image material that does not originate from SKYLINE ATLAS itself requires the permission of the respective author and that SKYLINE ATLAS cannot grant this approval itself. Such pictures from third parties are usually identified by “(c) <name of the author>” in the picture itself. These are usually animations of planned high-rise buildings, for which there are still no photos.

SKYLINE ATLAS has a large media archive of photographs of the Frankfurt skyline, of individual buildings and the urban landscape in general. Among them are thousands of aerial photographs taken during drone flights. Depending on the type of photo, one-off license costs of between EUR 50 and EUR 150 net.

Companies can have individual aerial photos taken in Frankfurt if the corresponding photos or videos are not in the media archive.

No, tourist tours are not offered, please contact other relevant providers.

From time to time SKYLINE ATLAS offers special guided tours for investors through Frankfurt. These investor tours are aimed at companies that want to bring Frankfurt closer to their audience as a business and investment location. In the case of a guided tour of investors, the city’s history is dealt with only in passing and information about the real estate industry instead. The focus of the investment tours is on high-rise development, office properties, the hotel market and Frankfurt as a market for data centers.

No, SKYLINE ATLAS is not a real estate agent. Inquiries about the purchase of a property are forwarded to real estate companies.

SKYLINE ATLAS thrives on recommendations and feedback. Please write about the SKYLINE ATLAS in social media, on websites and recommend us to others.

You can also participate in the creation, updating or commenting of content online. SKYLINE ATLAS uses the WordPress editing tool, with which anyone can enter information. To participate in the SKYLINE ATLAS, please create a user account.

Companies can actively promote the work of SKYLINE ATLAS by being a sponsor.

Yes, SKYLINE ATLAS has a number of cooperation partners. If you are interested in partnering up, please send in your proposal.