Tips for Skyscraper Visitors

Stadtmodell Frankfurt im Stadtplanungsamt

A large model of Frankfurt’s city center, including all high-rise buildings, can be seen at the city planning office in Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 10. Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 6 pm. Admission free.

MAIN TOWER Aussichtsplattform für Besucher

A highlight for every tourist and high-rise fan is a visit to the MAIN TOWER. The view terrace at a height of 200 meters (656 feet) has a magnificent view over the metropolis. The entrance fee per adult is 9 euros.

Laube Liebe Hoffnung - Aussichtsturm aus Holz im Europaviertel - kostenfrei

If the weather is good, you can visit the wooden observation tower of Laube Liebe Hoffnung in the European District (Pariser Strasse 11). Expect a breathtaking view of the skyline. Free entrance. You can even get a bite to eat here.

Touristen schätzen geführte Touren durch die Stadt

Take a high-rise tour in Frankfurt and gain insider knowledge on the history of the skyscrapers here in the rising German metropolis. You can even see the skyline from the rooftop and embark on a ramble through the high-rise gorges. More details

Skyline Aussichtspunkt auf dem Dach der Galeria Kaufhof an der Zeil

On the roof of the Galeria Kaufhof, you can have a beautiful view of the Financial District skyline with its skyscrapers. There are also seating areas and you can eat if you reserve beforehand. Address: Zeil 116-126. Free entrance.

Der Blick vom Sachsenhäuser Goetheturm auf die Frankfurter Skyline

Goethe Tower is located in the district of Sachsenhausen and is a wooden observation tower having a height of about 45 meters (148 feet). From there you have a perfect view of the skyline. The original Goethe Tower was destroyed by arson in October 2017 and was rebuilt at the end of 2020 based on the original model.

The 95 meter (312 feet) high Frankfurt Cathedral is located in the city center. You can climb its cathedral tower and see the Financial District with its high skyscrapers from above. Address: Domplatz. Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00 o’clock. Admission: € 3 per adult; children and students: € 1.50.

The motif of Frankfurt skyline is well known from the media can be enjoyed from one of the Main river bridges. We recommend Main bridges in the direction of the ECB. The addresses of the recommended bridges: Alte Bruecke, Ignatz-Bubis Bruecke, and Deutschherrnbruecke.

Frankfurt Historical Museum - tourist attraction Frankfurt - bad weather destination Frankfurt - Visitor tip

If you have a few hours or the weather is bad, the Frankfurt Historical Museum is the place to go: here, the city’s history is brought to life. Numerous exhibits, exhibitions and city models fascinate young and old.

German Architecture Museum - German Architectural Museum Frankfurt

In the German Architecture Museum on the southbank of the Main river you can learn more about the history of architecture in general. Numerous exhibits and exhibitions explain urban development and solutions for omnipresent topics such as living and working.

Frankfurt House Running

Tired of seeing the skyscrapers from the ground? Maybe house running would be something for you! Participants of this extreme sports walk along a high-rise facade. However, you should definitely be free from giddiness when doing House Running Frankfurt.

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