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High-rise Development Plan

Where are new towers planned?
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SKYLINE ATLAS shows what is already known in terms of the 2023 skyscraper master plan.

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History of Tall Buildings

Why has Frankfurt skyscrapers?
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Today, the skyline of tall buildings is a symbol of Frankfurt. But this hasn't always been the case.

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What's Up With Our Architecture?
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Despite a large amount of projects have been built, the quality of the architecture lacks.

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Newest Articles

NFT Skybar in Frankfurt - highest bar in Germany - skyline bar

NFT Skybar opens at ONE

The NFT Skybar in Frankfurt opened today at 6 PM local time. The bar is located on the 47th floor of Tower ONE at a height of 185 meters (607...
Oberbürgermeister Peter Feldmann (SPD) vor der Frankfurter Skyline im Jahre 2017

Mayor Feldmann Voted Out

On November 6, 2022, the lord mayor of the City of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann (SPD party), was voted out of office. After allegations of corruption, unworthy behavior in public, and...
Pauline - Restaurant - Europagarten - Frankfurt

Living in the European District

There are many arguments about the European District. For some, the new district in the west of Frankfurt is a boring concrete desert and for others, a piece of the big city with a skyline view. Whether you like the architecture there or not: every year more shops open, companies move there and the district becomes livelier.

We asked a resident how he finds his place of residence after spending 6 years in the European District.


Further interviews with important decision-makers from business and politics are available or planned.

Interview with Peter Feldmann - Lord Mayor of Frankfurt since 2012Peter Feldmann (Lord Mayor of Frankfurt)

Interview with Prof. Dr. Stefan PützenbacherProf. Dr. Stefan Pützenbacher (Lawyer and High-rise Expert)

Interview with Dr. Stefan MitropoulosDr. Stefan Mitropoulos (Economics/Research Helaba)

Interview with Dean VukovicDean Vukovic
(CEO V&V Immobilien GmbH)

Interview with Jonas RotheJonas Rothe
(CEO TimeRide GmbH)

Interview with Petra Roth - Lord Mayor of Frankfurt 1995-2012Petra Roth
(former Lord Mayor of Frankfurt)

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