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Frankfurt Today and in the Future

A few dozen tall buildings are currently under construction or planned in the urban area of Frankfurt. But it is not always easy to detect what the current construction progress or planning status is for a property. This information is neither available on Wikipedia nor accessible from the City of Frankfurt. Even die-hard real estate experts are always surprised by how many current high-rise projects there are.

Therefore, SKYLINE ATLAS now offers a summary of all high-rise projects sorted according to their current status:

This information usually reflects a current status. It is now possible for the first time using SKYLINE ATLAS to list high-rise projects according to their height for the current construction status (completed, under construction, planned). Furthermore, a map is displayed at the end of each high-rise list, which locates all the properties listed. In addition, there is now a central overview on the page Skyscraper Maps Frankfurt.

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