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SKYLINE ATLAS is a cutting-edge information medium about the development of Frankfurt especially its high-rise buildings. This new mode of presentation leaves behind traditional ways of publishing. Previously, information about tall buildings in Frankfurt

  • was only available in book form,
  • were always aimed at a specific specialist audience and due to technical terms used sometimes hard to understand,
  • required readers to invest lengthy time in research, because the essential content was dispersed over the Internet, or
  • you wouldn’t get relevant content in a compact and current form in one medium.

These web pages are now read by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. This success shows that many people are interested in reports about the skyline. For us it is clear: Frankfurt is booming – and we are making this visible. But it is not just the sheer interest of the readers that explains the many visits. Additionally, many people simply have less and less time and are overloaded by diverse media sources. Nowadays, everyone wants to experience topical content in a focused, refreshing, and up-to-date way. The SKYLINE ATLAS is nothing else: a medium from readers for readers, without an intermediary publishing company.

Open to Contributors

The editorial team writes, photographs, and films the Frankfurt skyline for SKYLINE ATLAS, which has been around since the beginning of 2017. However, many of us have long had a great passion for architecture and urban development, and we love our urban region.

But not everyone can know everything and do everything, so we are opening our editorial team to others this fall. Help to give FrankfurtRheinMain a better image and to move things together.

So if you have a soft spot for Frankfurt, a knack for texts or photography, then maybe you are the right person for our mission! If you know about social media, know our website’s topic well, or are perhaps in a forum, we invite you to participate in our editorial team. Either with your real name, under a pseudonym, or without mentioning your name in published content.

The teams of SKYLINE ATLAS meets cyrus moser meet

Markus, Thomas, and Michael in action: Here on the high-rise roof of ONE FORTY WEST during the video shoot for a report about cyrus moser architects.

Take Part!

Over the years, dozens of people have created content for the SKYLINE ATLAS. Many thanks to all contributors on behalf of the readership. So if you would like to volunteer here, please write to us including a few reasons why you are a good choice for the existing team. You can participate as a full member of the editorial team or occasionally write articles as a guest author. To do this, you do not have to have previously published articles or appeared in public. But also photographers, drone pilots, video artists, graphic artists, and creative people are invited to join. To participate, you do not have to have previously published any content or appeared publicly.

Convince us that you can take on certain topics and show others something they don’t know about. You will also expand your network into business and politics. You will also come across new sources of information, can visit high-rise construction sites, take advantage of offers from our partners, and exchange ideas with other editorial colleagues. Last but not least, you can also express your opinion here to our readership or to press inquiries.

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    No Time or Wrong Timing?

    But even if you have little time or the timing is not right, your support can help to boost our city’s image. Recommend SKYLINE ATLAS to others, link to us on Wikipedia, write in forums and tag the SKYLINE ATLAS on social media. In the end, it’s all about showing how wonderful our FrankfurtRheinMain city region is. And that doesn’t even have anything to do with high-rise buildings.

    If you are not interested in helping out, how about meeting likeminded people to discuss Frankfurt architecture or staying up-to-date with our SKYLINE NEWS?

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