Frankfurt real estate development areas for tall buildings and skyscrapers - highrise development zones in Frankfurt


Development Areas for High-Rise Buildings

As a rule, major construction projects, such as high-rise buildings, are being built in these locations in Frankfurt or are planned for the following development areas:

Banking District (CBD)
In the Banking District (‘Bankenviertel’), the concentration of tall buildings in the smallest space is at its highest anywhere in Germany. At this location, several additional skyscrapers have been proposed which will result in increased density in the coming years.

European Quarter
In the European Quarter (‘Europaviertel’), most projects from recent years have been built having five to eight floors. In years to come, a number of residential towers in particular will emerge here.

Gateway Gardens
So far, not many tall buildings have been built in the development area of Gateway Gardens, which lies in close proximity of the airport. However, several high-rise buildings may be built up to 25 floors high here.

However, these development areas aren’t official city districts.

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