Development Areas for High-Rises and Offices

As a rule, major construction projects, such as high-rise buildings, are being built in these locations in Frankfurt or are planned for the following development areas. These real estate locations are officially not a city district of Frankfurt or belong administratively to a directly adjacent suburb.

Frankfurt Financial District - CBD Frankfurt - Central Business District - Frankfurt, Germany - Panorama of skyscrapers - Banking District

Financial District

The Financial District has the greatest concentration of very tall buildings anywhere in Germany. There will be further densification here in the coming years. The Financial District skyline is known from the media.

City West

The City West is located directly north of the exhibition grounds and is now defined by around 20-storey office towers. Almost no new high-rise buildings have been built in City West in recent years.

City West Frankfurt - City West panorama - drone flight - aerial - skyscrapers Frankfurt
European District Frankfurt - European Quarter Frankfurt - Europaviertel - rising new city district - panorama with skyscrapers - aerial photo

European District

A number of residential towers in particular with up to 25 floors are rising in the European District. By 2028, additional skyscrapers up to a height of 260 meters (853 feet) will be constructed here.

Gateway Gardens

The Gateway Gardens development area is located directly at Frankfurt Airport. Several office buildings and hotel buildings with up to 20 floors are being built here.

Gateway Gardens in Frankfurt, Germany - office city at Frankfurt Airport
Kaiserlei Offenbach Frankfurt - Kaiserlei Area - Future Location for Office Developments, Tall Buildings, and Skyscrapers


The Kaiserlei is originally a purely commercial area in the east right on the city limits of Frankfurt and Offenbach. In the coming years the Kaiserlei area is planned to be developed into a new high-rise cluster.

Lyon Quarter

The Lyon Quarter is an area in the south of Frankfurt that was originally primarily used as a commercial area. Residential buildings have also been built here since 2012. The area is characterized by towers between 10 and 25 storeys.

Frankfurt Lyon Quarter - Frankfurt Lyon District - Lyoner Quartier aerial photo - panorama picture Frankfurt skyline
Eschborn South - Eschborn Süd - commercial area west of Frankfurt at A 648 freeway - Eschborn skyline with tall office buildings

Eschborn South

The Eschborn South Business Area is located on the western city limits of Frankfurt on the A 66 freeway. In recent decades, office buildings up to 20 storeys high have been built here in particular.

City East

The formation of the City East was initiated by the settlement of the European Central Bank in the east of Frankfurt. This resulted in the construction of numerous new real estate projects and high-rise buildings.

Frankfurt City East - City East Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany - Ostend and ECB aerial

There are dozens of other development areas for large real estate projects in the Frankfurt City Region, but these have no high-rise buildings. The real estate locations that have hardly had any high-rise projects so far, but where other such real estate projects have been announced or are being planned, include Main Bank West, West Harbor, and Offenbach Harbor.

These real estate locations and concrete feasible real estate projects in them are regularly presented at real estate fairs. The best-known exhibitions of this kind include EXPO REAL, MIPIM and the World Economic Forum, at which the FrankfurtRheinMain Metropolitan Region is always present with a joint booth for the purpose of location marketing.

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Aerial Footage of the European District

Frankfurt am Main - Neue Hochhäuser im Europaviertel - Wolkenkratzer und Sehenswürdigkeiten

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