Offenbach Harbor - the harbour area in Offenbach, Germany

Offenbach Harbor

Offenbach Harbor is a new district that will be built directly on the river in Offenbach by 2024. Offenbach Harbor is located west of Offenbach city center and is a place to live, work, relax, study, and shop. Hundreds of new apartments and numerous commercial buildings have already been built here. The development area is subdivided into three construction phases from east to west, with the development in the eastern part being most advanced. The Offenbach Harbor (in German: Hafen Offenbach) is also known as the Harbor District (in German: Hafenviertel).

In the Offenbach Harbor District there is a large number of shops and gastronomic offers. These include restaurants, an ice cream parlor and supermarkets from REWE, dm, and Alnatura. The area is popular for families with children because there is a harbor school, a kindergarten, and an adventure playground. The popular Main Cycle Path also runs through the port area and connects Offenbach in the direction of Frankfurt.

Offenbach Harbor Area - new city district Offenbach, Germany - Port of Offenbach
Harbor District Offenbach - living at the Main river
Saint Gobain Building Distribution Germany - Saint Gobain Offenbach headquarters - office building
New buildings recently constructed in the Offenbach port area
Offenbach school at the new Harbor District - Hafenschule
Offenbach Harbour - Offenbach am Hafen - art

Development and Construction Progress

For the Offenbach Harbor Project, the first development work on the port area began in 2009. There were delays in the planning approval because the commercial residents on the northern Frankfurt side of the Main river feared that the new tenants and residents could assert emissions and noise protection requirements. In September 2010, an out-of-court settlement agreement negotiated, among other things, that the northern residential and commercial buildings on the harbor island would be equipped with soundproofing on the water side.

The development work continued in 2011. In particular, Hafenstrasse was expanded and the first green spaces were created. Construction of the first residential buildings began in August 2011. ABG Frankfurt Holding completed the Mainzeile Offenbach residential project by 2013. ABG was the first investor to invest 50 million euros in the completion of 178 rental apartments. As a result, 7,020 square meters of the port area have already been built on.

The 3,200 square meter Obere Molenpark was opened in May 2012. The staircase leading to the harbor basin is the western part of the planned central harbor square and was opened in April 2013. A narrow promenade, which has also been completed, connects the harbor stairs with the Molenpark.

In July 2013 it was announced that Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Germany wants to build its new German headquarters with 210 employees on the port island. A seven-story office building was built with a usable area of ​​6,500 square meters and an investment volume of 20 million euros. Construction began in autumn 2013 and was ready for occupancy in spring 2015.

In February 2014, the first construction phase of the Hafengold residential complex north of the harbor stairs began. Around 200 condominiums are to be built in a total of nine six-story houses by 2016. The first construction phase of the Hafeninsel-Mitte project began at the beginning of 2015. By mid-2016, 68 additional condominiums are to be built in this section.

In May 2015, the construction of the elementary school with daycare began on the eastern property on what was then the Nordring. The basement-free structure closes off the pier to the south and acts as a noise protection against the noise pollution from traffic on the Hafenallee. The school was officially opened for the 2017/2018 school year. The four-class elementary school with two preliminary classes offers space for 420 children. A daycare center is available for 170 more, and after-school care is also offered.

The traffic development of the port island and its connection to the north end began in June 2014 with the construction work for the road bridge (roughly in the middle of the port basin) and the pedestrian and cycle path bridge (in the eastern part of the port basin). In the far east, between the Carl Ulrich Bridge, which opened in December 2014, and the port basin, construction of the port center also began in June 2014. This shopping and office center, planned as a striking entrance gate to the harbor district, with a separate multi-storey car park was opened in December 2015 and is intended to radiate into the northern north end of Offenbach am Main.

In 2019, two high-rise projects for implementation in the port district were announced. At the eastern end, the 20-storey Wayv office tower is to be built by spring 2023. On the western side, three high-rise towers are planned to be part of the Die Macherei project.

Site plan Offenbach Harbor
Building lots in the Offenbach Harbor Area to be construced with buildings - as of September 2019


Offenbacher Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding, is planning the future development of the port area into a new residential and office area with the City of Offenbach. Mainviertel Offenbach GmbH & Co. KG was founded for the project and property development of the Offenbach Harbor. For the development of the port area, 61 million euros are invested.

The former site of the industrial port is to be developed into a new urban district with residential, office, university, school and retail space on a total area of ​​256,000 square meters by around 2024. In the coming years, up to 1,000 people will live there and 10,000 people will work and study there. Smaller public green spaces are planned between the construction areas, such as the Unterer Molenpark and Oberer Molenpark parks. The ratio of the built-up area to the open space is around 50/50 according to the development plan. A harbor campus with a primary school, daycare center and a centrally located new building for the University of Art and Design (HfG) is planned for the southern bank area.

Further Real Estate Locations in Offenbach

A major urban development development is currently taking place not only in Offenbach’s Harbor District, but also in other parts of the city. In particular, large vacant lots and fallow land in the city are filled with developments. In particular, the Kaiserlei area is to be upgraded with numerous office buildings and high-rise buildings.