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The photographers, videographers, and drone pilots part of SKYLINE ATLAS have built up an extensive media archive over the last few decades, each one individually. The stock photos and stock videos about Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main Area include a total of more than 100,000 photos and hundreds of video sequences. The main topics are high-rise buildings, architecture, and real estate.

These recordings are used for editorial purposes here in the SKYLINE ATLAS, are made available to journalists for reports, appear in our video productions, and are particularly licensed to companies for further use.

Frankfurt Germany free stock photo - Frankfur CBD - Photo of the Frankfurt CBD - Download image for free - Frankfurt press photo - Photo No. 685-997-701
Frankfurt skyscrapers - Frankfurt panorama image - Free Frankfurt photo - Complementary photo of Frankfurt, Germany - Download skyline photo - Press image - Photo No. 783-881-046
Frankfurt panorama photo - Frankfurt free photo - Free Frankfurt photo - Download stock photo of Frankfurt - Frankfurt skyscrapers and banks - Photo No. 608-236-698
Frankfurt skyscrapers - Frankfurt Wallpaper photo - Download free photo - Press image Frankfurt, Germany - Photo No. 373-350-248
Stock photo of the ECB Skyscraper in Frankfurt with the banking center skyline in the background - ECB Skytower Frankfurt - ECB Headquarters - Free press photo - Photo No. 602-665-756
Panorama Eschborn, Germany - drone photo - aerial image

Archive Will Become Publicly Accessible

The entire media archive will be publicly available and searchable in real time from about April 2021. The archive contains images from more than 30 years of city history. Anyone can contribute to the further expansion of the media archive. Photographic material can be made available for free download by the contributor or offered to third parties for licensing. Would you like to take part? We will be happy to inform you when we are in the test phase: Subscribe to e-mail news

SKYLINE ATLAS Photo Flatrate

The photo flat rate offers you to receive the right to commercially use up to 10 photos from the SKYLINE ATLAS media archive. This includes photos in particular from Frankfurt, but also from the immediate vicinity. This means that you no longer need to request and license individual photos, you have an easy way to access them. The media archive contains current and older object photos as well as aerial photographs. Most of the photos of the SKYLINE ATLAS web pages come from the media archive.

Price: EUR 420 net (up to 10 photos)

Upgrades for the Photo Flat Rate
Photo Flat Rate 100: EUR 1,450 net (up to 100 photos)
Photo Flat Rate 250: EUR 2,800 net (up to 250 photos)
Photo Flat Rate 500: EUR 5,500 net (up to 500 photos)

SKYLINE ATLAS Video Flatrate

The video flat rate offers you to receive the permanent right to use video sequences from the SKYLINE ATLAS media archive. This includes videos in particular from Frankfurt, but also from the immediate vicinity. This means that you no longer need to request and license individual videos, you have an easy access to them. The media archive contains in particular real estate videos and aerial films. Most of the videos of the SKYLINE ATLAS web pages come from the media archive.

Price: on request

SKYLINE ATLAS Media on Demand

Are you looking for a photo or video concerning a particular scene, but can’t find the right footage anywhere? We have a extensive archive of stock photos and stock videos, which most likely contains appropriate media. If not, we’ll send a photographer out to take the appropriate shots. Note: This offer does not replace a professional shooting, but is particularly suitable for ad hoc projects.

Price: on request

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