360 Degrees Aerial Photos

Our drone pilots in Frankfurt are now taking 360-degree photos on their panoramic flights. With these all-round images in the air, you can look around in the photos, similar to what Google Streetview on the ground allows. For a full screen view please click on the square symbol in the bottom right corner of each picture.

These first panorama shots of this kind were taken during a drone flight in Offenbach’s Kaiserlei district. The 360-degree aerial photography impressively shows the status of the construction work on the Vitopia Campus in June 2020. The upgrading work on the structure of the former Siemens Towers is clearly visible. The construction work on the flat residential buildings of the Vitopia Campus has also started.

In the direction of Offenbach city center (on the right in the picture), the Goethe Quarter (Goethequartier) with more than 100 apartments is also being built.