Vitopia Campus in Offenbach

Vitopia Campus Offenbach - New Frankfurt Towers - by Eike Becker Architekten - CG Gruppe - Offenbach apartments at Kaiserlei
Floors: 23 above ground
Completion: 03/2024
Status: under construction
Usage: residential

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Berliner Straße
City: Offenbach
Zone: Offenbach Kaiserlei

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Score: 72 of 100
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Eike Becker_Architekten architecture office

At the Kaiserleikreisel in Offenbach, at the interface between Offenbach and Frankfurt, the Siemens/AEG Kraftwerksunion (KWU) building complex has been vacant since 2004 and has changed hands several times in the meantime.

Back in 2015, a Berlin real estate developer, the CG Group AG, wanted to convert the former KWU towers, which had been vacant for years, into a new urban district in the Vitopia Campus Kaiserlei with 835 rental flats, offices and a daycare centre for 300 million euros by 2022. The two 19 and 22-storey office towers of the former Siemens power plant division are to be completely gutted and converted and realised as residential and commercial properties called New Frankfurt Towers and supplemented by further new buildings. Commercial units are also to be developed along Strahlenberger Strasse, including a hotel, a fitness centre with indoor swimming pool, retail shops, restaurants, offices and a day-care centre for children. Eike Becker Architekten from Berlin is responsible for the design of the buildings.

Vitopia - Campus - Offenbach - Kaiserlei - Eike-Becker
Vitopia - Eike-Becker - Offenbach - Kaiserlei

The real estate developer of the Vitopia Campus, the CG Group, was then taken over in 2017 by Consus Real Estate AG, which in turn has belonged to the newly founded Adler Group since 2020 following a merger. Since 2021, the ailing Adler Group has been causing a stir due to allegations of inflated balance sheets.

However, hardly anything has happened on Offenbach’s largest construction site in the Kaiserlei area since the foundation stone was laid in autumn 2018. Completion was originally planned for 2021, but the cranes have now been at a complete standstill since 2022, as an investor is once again being sought. Completion is now expected in 2024.

If the project is not realised, the Adler Group will have to pay a deficiency guarantee to the city of Offenbach, according to press reports.

A few hundred meters from the Vitopia Campus, the Nordkap district is to be built in the next few years.

Planning and Construction

Offenbach - Kaiserlei - Vitopia - Campus - Adler Group

Status January 2023: The project has been dormant for some time. According to the Adler Group, the plan is to sell the entire project to a buyer.

Vitopia Campus - Offenbach construction site - July 2021

Status May 2021: According to an article of the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau, the construction work on Vitopia Campus has been resumed.

Vitopia Kampus Offenbach in February 2021

Status December 2020: The Hessenschau TV show reports (in German) on the nebulous change of ownership of the Vitopia Campus in the offshore paradise of Guernsey. According to a spokesman, the future ownership of the Bayerische Versorgungskammer (lit. Bavarian Supply Chamber) will not be affected by these developments.

Status October 2020: According to the Offenbach Post newspaper, the Nassauische Heimstätte (NHW) is withdrawing from the Vitopia Campus project – due to unfulfilled obligations from the construction progress. At the end of 2018, Nassauische Heimstätte signed a publicly effective purchase agreement for the turnkey acquisition of 205 apartments in the Vitopia Campus project with CG Gruppe.

Status June 2020: 360 degree panoramic images of the New Frankfurt Towers are now available. These aerial photographs were taken with a drone. You can see the construction work on the structure of the new residential towers in the Kaiserlei district of Offenbach.

New Frankfurt Towers in Offenbach - Apartments to rent - Kaiserlei area - concrete highrise under construction in August 2019 by CG Gruppe
Kaiserlei Offenbach Kreisel - New Frankfurt Towers - CG Gruppe - Eike Becker Architekten
High-rise buildings under construction at Kaiserlei area in Offenbach, at the border to Frankfurt - February 2018

Status June 2017: Construction work has just begun.

Vitopia - Campus - Offenbach - Kaiserlei - Eike-Becker

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