Masterplan Offenbach 2030 approved

The City of Offenbach has decided on an urban planning concept called Masterplan Offenbach 2030. The urban development concept envisages the construction of numerous buildings and a park. The commercial “Nordkap“, which lies between Goethering, the A 661 freeway, the Main cycle route and the Kaiserleistrasse, is also part of the masterplan. The special feature of the location is the close proximity to Kaiserlei and the Main river, as it has a connection to the S-Bahn (regional train transportation) and the freeway.

In total, five buildings with seven floors are planned for the Nordkap project. Opposite the Hafen 2 at Goethering, a corner building with ten floors is planned. The development area is to be crowned by an office tower, for reportingly an investor is already interested in. The location for this high-rise office building is located directly next to the A661 freeway. According to current planning, the high-rise building would be 120 meters (394 feet) high. With this height, the planned office tower would be just as tall as the highest skyscraper in Offenbach, the City Tower.

The development of much needed living space at this point has no political majority. The City of Offenbach relies almost exclusively on the use of office space in the development of the areas surrounding the Kaiserlei Roundabout, which is being demolished, in order to increase revenue from trade tax. Offenbach had to cope with a significant reduction of industrial and commercial enterprises in recent decades.

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