Architecture with sauce

The crafting sets will be put online gradually before February 1, 2021. The public promotion of the tinker sheets will take place from February 2021. As of December 1, 2020: Three well known building tenants are already supporting the implementation by sponsoring the tinker sets in their respective corporate design.

Architecture With Sauce

With the handicraft sheet series “Architecture with sauce” you can model well-known high-rise buildings from Frankfurt at home. All you need is a printer and some creativity. You simply download your desired skyscraper in PDF format and print it out. Each model can then be painted, decorated, or enhanced in a wide variety of ways.

The motto of the craft sets is very simple: “We deliver the architecture, you deliver the sauce.”

After the handicrafts are finished, you can take a photo of your work of art and upload it to the SKYLINE ATLAS. The editorial team sifts through everything and publishes the best results at regular intervals. Have fun tinkering!

ECB - European Central Bank

European Central Bank

The skyscraper of the European Central Bank is located in the east of Frankfurt and has a striking architecture. Did you know that the skyscraper actually consists of two high-rise towers?

Owner: European Central Bank

Commerzbank Tower

Commerzbank Tower

The Commerzbank Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Germany. The tip of the antenna is just under the 300 meters mark. Did you know that there are several winter gardens in this skyscraper?

Tenant: Commerzbank



The MAIN TOWER is a 200 meters high office tower in Frankfurt’s Financial District. The only publicly accessible visitor platform in a Frankfurt skyscraper is located on its roof.

Owner: State Bank of Hesse (Helaba)



The MesseTurm is the second tallest skyscraper in Frankfurt and one of the city’s landmarks. The eyecatching pyramid on the roof is a recognition feature for people all over the world.

Management: OFFICE FIRST

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

The twin towers of Deutsche Bank on Taunusanlage and were recently modernized according to the latest standards. Did you know that this is why the two twin towers are also called Green Towers?

Owner: Deutsche Bank

More Tinker Sets Planned

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