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We’re crafting the Frankfurt skyline!

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Tall buildings fascinate people. This was the case with the pyramids, then with churches, and it is particularly true of skyscrapers today. No city in Central Europe has such a compact high-rise skyline as Frankfurt. The skyline has become the trademark of the hip European metropolis.

Paper and Scissors Instead of a Screen

In times of Covid-19, people are more dependent on digital information and are traveling less. Children and adolescents in particular spend a lot of time in front of the tablet, television, or smartphone. Reason enough for us to encourage some creativity “offline”. But even those who work too little or too much due to the coronavirus may want a bit of variety. Our editorial team has therefore considered how we can bring the skyline home.

The handicraft templates from our “Architecture with Sauce” series can be conveniently printed out on A4 at home. True to our motto: “We supply the architecture, you supply the sauce.” Each model can be painted, decorated, or pasted in a variety of ways.

Tinker skyline Frankfurt

Our creatives are currently developing a number of high-rise buildings that will be available as handicraft templates from autumn 2020:

  1. Commerzbank Tower – finished
  2. MAIN TOWER – finished
  3. MesseTurm – finished
  4. Twin towers of Deutsche Bank – finished
  5. ECB Headquarters – finished
  6. OmniTurm – planned
  7. Silver Tower– planned
  8. OpernTurm– planned
  9. Westend 1– planned
  10. Trianon– planned

The sorting reflects the order in which the high-rise models are created. The special thing about the skyscraper models is that they are true to scale. This means that all towers next to each other show the correct proportional heights.

Submit Your Artwork

But we don’t just publish the handicraft sheets ourselves: If you want, you can photograph your finished and handcrafted results and send them to us electronically. The SKYLINE ATLAS then publishes these in a gallery after approval. Minors must obtain their parents’ permission for this, and last names are shown in abbreviated form.

Commerzbank Tower and Main Tower

Nationwide Marketing Planned

The handicraft will not only be distributed through the SKYLINE ATLAS channels, but also through regional and national cooperation partners. Newspapers and radio stations are to be won over for this purpose. We are also working on getting a patron for the campaign.

Many Supporters Take Part

Numerous owners and users of the high-rise buildings support the handicraft templates ideally and financially. Sponsors can provide the corresponding high-rise model with the respective corporate design and logo. Because without approval of the logo use or sponsoring, logos will be left out on the cut-out sheets. Those interested in sponsoring a high-rise model are of course welcome to contact SKYLINE ATLAS.

Great Interest in Everything About the Skyline

More and more people are getting information about the skyscrapers of Frankfurt here in the SKYLINE ATLAS. So it’s no wonder that we now have more than half a million readers per year (as of August 2020). The reason for this is simple: Many people want to know right now which skyscrapers are being built, what are the best photo locations in Frankfurt, where you can stay in hotels with views of the skyline or how to rent or buy an apartment in a skyscraper.

But even those who are not specifically interested can find all kinds of useful information about the Frankfurt skyline. For example, why Frankfurt became a high-rise city in the first place.

The start of the handicraft sheet series will be published first in the SKYLINE NEWS, which can be received free of charge by email.

Status January 2021: Because of the great interest, ARCHITECTURE with sauce is now an independent project and available at The first five Frankfurt skyscrapers have been published. Further buildings and well-known cooperation partners will follow.

Status November 2020: The prototypes of five skyscrapers are ready and in the finalizing process. Because of the complexity of the architecture, there will be a simplified version and a difficult version for selected towers. The high-rise models will be published step by step until February 2021.

Status September 2020: The prototype of the MesseTurm handicraft set has been completed (but not yet officially published). Here the first two pages to view. On the following pages of the full version, the cut-out handicraft elements are visible.

Prototype handicraft set - MesseTurm Frankfurt - handicraft sheet - tinker skyline Frankfurt - tinker skyscraper - crafting set for children

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