MesseTurm in Frankfurt

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Floors: 55 above ground
Height: 256.50 m
Gross floor area: 82,600 m2
Completion: 1990
Status: completed
Usage: office

MesseTurm Address

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49
City: Frankfurt
District: Gallus
Zone: European District

Location Rating

Score: 91 of 100
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MesseTurm Rental

Phone: +49 69 173 269 391
Email: request via email

Involved Premium Partners at MesseTurm

Drees und Sommer Logo - Company Directory
Schindler Elevators Frankfurt Germany

Involved Companies - MesseTurm

Company Category
Jahn Architects architecture office
Tishman Speyer project developer

Vacant spaces - MesseTurm

Area approximately Floor Availability
1,108 m2 office space 61st floor (60. OG) immediately
1,109 m2 office space 60th floor (59. OG) immediately
1,109 m2 office space 59th floor (58. OG) immediately
1,109 m2 office space 58th floor (57. OG) immediately
1,118 m2 office space 57th floor (56. OG) immediately
1,118 m2 office space 56th floor (55. OG) immediately
1,159 m2 office space 55th floor (54. OG) immediately
1,159 m2 office space 54th floor (53. OG) immediately
1,253 m2 office space 53rd floor (52. OG) immediately
1,254 m2 office space 52nd floor (51. OG) immediately
586 m2 office space 47th floor (46. OG) immediately
1,212 m2 office space 46th floor (45. OG) immediately
1,211 m2 office space 37th floor (36. OG) immediately
1,212 m2 office space 36th floor (35. OG) immediately
548 m2 office space 33rd floor (32. OG) immediately
542 m2 office space 22nd floor (21. OG) immediately
1,142 m2 office space 16th floor (15. OG) immediately
Total vacant space: 17,949 m² | Send inquiry via email

MesseTurm is a skyscraper and Frankfurt’s 2nd tallest high-rise building. It lies at Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage street and is bordering the exhibition grounds. MesseTurm was designed by Helmut Jahn for the American project developer Tishman Speyer. The tower is 256.5 meters tall and not publicly accessible to visitors. MesseTurm has a striking pyramid on the roof. The pyramid does not contain publicly usable space, but only supply facilities such as heating and cooling. The design of the top of the building goes back to the first draft for the roof pyramid of the Campanile high-rise (which was never realized). MesseTurm means “Exhibition Tower” in German language.

MesseTurm was built in 1990 in Art Deco style. The width and length of each floor is just 41 x 41 meters (135 x 135 feet). In the middle of the building is an elevator shaft with 24 lifts and space for the service core. Due to the arrangement of the elevators in the centre of the building, users only have an area of 8.30m to 8.60m of depth.

Frankfurt Messeturm Spire and Pyramid - Frankfurt skyline at sunset - Frankfurt drone picture by Thomas Gessner

© Thomas Gessner 2020 |

Unlike similar American models, the fair tower is not part of city life. For security reasons, no communicative or visitor-friendly use has been given. The lobby is not a hall with shops and restaurants, but a locked room, guarded by security. Tenants of MesseTurm include BNY Mellon, Flick Gocke Schaumburg and Oliver Wyman.

Information for visitors: There is a large, public underground car park below MesseTurm. You cannot visit MesseTurm. There is no longer a public restaurant inside the skyscraper.

Hammering Man in Frankfurt

In front of MesseTurm stands the Hammering Man by US artist Jonathan Borofsky, erected in 1991. The work of art is regarded as a symbol for work, deed and also as a symbol for solidarity with all people who work. The sculpture can also be found in various versions in other major cities around the world.

Also, MesseTurm is the venue of the SkyRun Frankfurt, a vertical running competition in which participants have to climb a total of 1,202 steps and 222 meters (728 feet) of altitude to reach the finish.

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Tinker MesseTurm

MesseTurm is now available as a crafting model for downloading. The skyscraper is part of the cut-out sheet series ARCHITECTURE with sauce, which is aimed at children and adults. Many thanks to the asset manager OFFICEFIRST for their support!

MesseTurm News

Status June 2021: The renovation work has largely been completed and the site fence has been dismantled. This means that the  huge, transparent pane elements are now visible.

MesseTurm in Frankfurt, Germany - June 2021 - after the renovation has been finished

Status September 2020: The asset manager OFFICEFIRST told us that the renovation work on MesseTurm should be completed by December 2020.

Status June 2020: OFFICE FIRST leases around 4,100 square meters (44,132 square feet) of space in the MesseTurm. The new tenants are Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Rat für Formgebung, and other office tenants, including a British media group.

Status July 2019: Cool or total madness? Roofing is an extreme sport in which mostly young men climb tall buildings. In summer 2019, a roofer even made it to the tip of the MesseTurm:

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Status June 2019: The office rental company Regus wants to double its space in the MesseTurm to around 4,500 square meters of rental space. The loft-like business club with ceilings up to four meters high is to become the new heart of the location.

Status April 2019: MesseTurm will be renovated for an investment of about 100 million euros.

MesseTurm Frankfurt
MesseTurm in Frankfurt - and the skyline of Frankfurt in the background - right: Messe Torhaus - left: Westend Gate skyscraper - Panorama of Frankfurt

Status May 1989: MesseTurm Frankfurt during the construction phase, photographed by Frank Reuter. The skyscraper was developed at the time by ECE Projektmanagement GmbH for Tishman Speyer Properties. Citibank AG provided the financing.

MesseTurm construction sign in 1989 - photographed by Frank Reuter
MesseTurm construction sign in 1989 - photographed by Frank Reuter
Messeturm in 1989 during the construction - photographed by Frank Reuter
Messeturm in 1989 during the construction - photographed by Frank Reuter

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