The Model Building Professional: Frank Reuter

Frank Reuter is a passionate model maker. Since childhood, Frank has been interested in skyscrapers all over the world and has been building them. He designs his skyscraper models with paper and glue, completely without a computer template.

Frank Reuter - skyscraper model builder - Frankfurt high-rise model

“High-rise buildings hold a great fascination for people. It is this enthusiasm that also drives my creativity.”
— Frank Reuter

Frank Reuter has completed spectacular models in recent years: For example, he has recreated the southern tip of Manhattan as well as well-known skyscrapers in New York City such as the Chrysler Building and the Singer Building. Another highlight is the Burj Khalifa: today the tallest skyscraper in the world.

Chrysler Building NYC - New York skyscraper - model by Frank Reuter
Singer Building NYC - New York City highrise model by Frank Reuter
Burj Khalifa in Dubai - skyscraper model made by Frank Reuter

Frankfurt High-Rise Model

In 2017, Frank finally created the high-rise buildings in Downtown Frankfurt entirely from paper on a 1: 1000 scale. With pencil and ruler, he sketched the outlines of the building on paper, cut them out, and finally colored them in with crayons. Then he put the individual models on a one meter by one meter plate.

In the course of two years, the entire Frankfurt Financial District was built in miniature, with towers such as MAIN TOWER, OmniTurm, FOUR Frankfurt, the twin towers of Deutsche Bank, and many other skyscrapers.

Frank Reuter is currently working on crafting a 1.7 meters (5.5 feet) tall version of the MesseTurm skyscraper. He is also looking forward to the cut-out sheets of the Frankfurt skyscrapers, which anyone can use to build high-rise towers at home.

Skyscraper Model Frankfurt - Financial District - Westend - model by Frank Reuter
Frankfurt Banking District Model
Messe Quarter Frankfurt - with skyscrapers

In the Media

The completion of the Frankfurt skyscraper model by Frank Reuter did not go unnoticed by the press. The German Press Agency (dpa) reported about the building model, and shortly afterwards German newspapers such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Immobilien-Zeitung, and HNA followed. TV reports such as RTL and Hessischer Rundfunk also reported about the model.

Frank has been pursuing his passion for more than 40 years and is considered an expert in his field in model building circles. Frank Reuter is part of the SKYLINE ATLAS and in this role regularly exchanges information with others about the Frankfurt skyscrapers, and comments on new developments.

Status January 2021: Frank has started to rebuild the MesseTurm at a scale of 1: 150. This means that the skyscraper will be around 1.7 meters tall in the end.

Messeturm Frankfurt
Messeturm Frankfurt model
Frankfurt Messeturm skyscraper model - Messe Tower Frankfurt - Messe Turm
Frankfurt Messeturm Model by Frank Reuter

Status November 2020: Frank Reuter has expanded his Frankfurt city model by including Das Präsidium.