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Gross floor area definition in Germany - GFA definition Germany - German definition for space in buildings and real estate - OpernTurm interior

What is gross floor area?

The following definition for gross floor area is applicable in Germany.

The gross floor area (GFA, BGF in German) is an area in real estate. With the gross floor area, the boundary areas of all floor plan levels are calculated (i.e. the sum of all floor areas based on the outer components including the facade). The definition of GFA (BGF) is part of the official German standardization and is regulated in DIN 277. The gross floor area is an important key figure when determining the value of a property using the real value method.

The general rule (R) is used when calculating the gross floor area in rooms and floor areas that are completely enclosed.

The special rule (S) relates to rooms and floor areas that are structurally connected to the building, but are not completely enclosed (loggias, terraces on flat roofs, balconies, built-in courtyards, entrance areas, outside stairs). A special case also applies to unusable roof areas and construction-related cavities, such as in ventilated roofs or over suspended ceilings. An air floor is also not used in the area calculation for the gross floor area (e.g. external parking spaces on the ground floor).

In addition, the following should be noted when calculating the gross floor area:

  • the dimensions of the components including the plaster are dimensional
  • protrusions and recesses on the outer surfaces are not taken into account
  • there are other special treatments for covered areas
gross floor area definition in Germany (GFA)
Structure of area definitions - tree overview - GFA definion (BGF)

In Germany, the gross floor area (BGF) comprises the construction floor area (KGF) and the net floor area (NGF), which in turn is divided into the usable area (NUF), technical functional area (TF), and traffic area (VF).

The construction site picture at the top shows an office floor in the OpernTurm during its construction phase in 2009.

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