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FrankfurtRheinMain Metropolitan Area

The FrankfurtRheinMain Metropolitan Region is an economically strong region in the heart of Germany and in the middle of Europe. The geographic location has made the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main Metropolitan Region a hub for the exchange of people, goods and capital for centuries. The long trading tradition and success as exhibition place is evidence of this.

The area is located in the geographic center of the European Union and has 5.7 million inhabitants. The larger cities of Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Hanau, Mainz, Offenbach, and Wiesbaden are part of the urban region. The Frankfurt/Rhein-Main Metropolitan Region is also called the Rhine Main Area, which is the older name.

FrankfurtRheinMain is today the most international region in Europe, has the largest airport in Germany, and is the most important financial center on the continent. Historically, however, the region is not a fixed political entity and yet it is closely linked. The agglomeration around the rivers Rhine (in German: Rhein) and Main includes numerous large cities and municipalities with a variety of characteristics. The area is criss-crossed by varied natural landscapes. The largest city in the region is Frankfurt with around 763,000 inhabitants (2019).

The Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region is located in the south of the German state Hesse and parts of the neighboring states of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rhine-Hesse) and Bavaria (Lower Franconia). In the center lies the Frankfurt City Region, which includes Frankfurt and its directly adjacent districts and cities. The special features of the region are not just size, accessibility, and economic strength. In particular, the cultural diversity and the natural landscapes between the cities make FrankfurtRheinMain very popular.

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Strong Business Location

The Rhine-Main Region (in German: Rhein-Main Region) has been an important engine for the German economy for decades. Every twelfth euro from Germany’s gross value added is earned here. Those who live or work here have the best prospects on the job market: there are around 400,000 companies with more than 2.2 million employees in the region.

Very Good Accessibility

Frankfurt Airport with its worldwide direct flights and the optimal connection to the road and rail network are further advantages of the location. There are a total of 839 kilometers of freeway, 14 long-distance train stations, and 7 inland ports here. The region also has dozens of data centers and the world’s largest Internet hub.

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Nature and Culture at a High Level

Hardly anywhere else in Germany you can experience such differences between an international metropolis, nature, and culture. Short distances lead into the green, like the Taunus and the Odenwald mountains. Around 574,000 hectares of forest and recreational areas are available for sports and leisure activities. That corresponds to almost 39 percent of the regional area.

Numerous renowned museums, institutions and festivals such as the Frankfurt Fashion Week ensure a lively cultural offer. The FrankfurtRheinMain area is therefore a wonderful place to live and work.

Rising Real Estate Locations in the Rhine-Main Area

There are a number attractive real estate locations in the Rhine-Main Region for living and working. However, tall buildings are almost always being built in Frankfurt, Offenbach, and Eschborn.

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