HPQ Frankfurt - Harbor Park Offices by Meixner Schlüter Wendt

Architectural Competition Decided for Construction Site North in the Harbor Park Quarter

The B&L Group (B&L Gruppe in German) from Hamburg is planning a 17-storey office building as part of its Harbor Park Quarter development (HPQ; in German: Hafenpark Quartier) on the Hanauer Landstrasse street, which will mark the beginning of the district. On a floor space of approximately 10,500 square meters (113,000 square feet), more than 60,000 square meters (645,834 square feet) of gross floor area are created, which are distributed over the high-rise building with 31,400 square meters (337,986 square feet) and the courtyard building with 28,800 square meters (310,000 square feet). In addition, a neighborhood garage with over 800 parking spaces is being built on three basements. Harbor Park Quarter (Hafenpark Quartier) is made up of 600 apartments, hotel use, office and retail space and a daycare center. In the spring, 320 rental apartments were completed on the east construction site.

Modern office space is planned for this building, and gastronomic use is also planned on the ground floor. A special highlight will be the office space and roof terraces with a view of the ECB and the skyline. B&L Group expects to be able to submit the building application for the project in 2021. Completion and opening is planned for 2025.

Jury Has Decided

An eight-member jury met and decided from the submitted works for the design by the Frankfurt architecture office Meixner Schlüter Wendt. The architect Zvonko Turkali from Frankfurt presided over the jury. With the offices KCAP Kees Christiaanse from Rotterdam / Zurich and Holger Meyer Architektur from Frankfurt, two third prize winners followed. In addition, two awards were given to CF MØller from Berlin and KBNK Architects from Hamburg. A total of nine offices took part in the architectural competition.

Surrounding model of the Harbor Park Quarter (Hafenpark Quartier) in Frankfurt - HPQ - included the newly presented tower

The environmental model is showing Harbor Park Offices (Hafenpark Quartier Offices) by Meixner Schlüter Wendt in the context of the other planned construction projects of the building complex in the Harbor Park Quarter (Hafenpark Quartier).

Block Building and High-Rise Tower

As chairman of the jury, Zvonko Turkali said: “All nine competition entries submitted are of consistently high quality. The excellent design is very sensitively inserted into the block structure of [the] Hanauer Landstrasse [street] and marks an inviting, telecontrolled transition to the new Harbor Park Quarter [Hafenpark Quartier] in the prominent location. By dividing the building volume into a high-rise building and a courtyard building, an exciting ensemble is created on the construction site, which strengthens the public pathways of the entire area and offers an attractive working environment inside. ”

A Novelty: An Underground Car Park for 1,000 Bicycles

City Councilor and Head of Planning and Housing, Mike Josef, says: “Hanauer Landstrasse has developed into a mixed district in the past 20 years. New apartments, new offices and new retail stores have emerged on former industrial and traffic areas. In the south of the Harbor Park Quarter, the apartments are already under construction; the northern area of the property is now to be built on with a new office building. This means that new jobs can be created in the immediate vicinity of the ECB and the Eastern Harbor [Osthafen]. I think it’s good that cycling plays a very important role for the award winner. The design envisages an underground car park for almost 1,000 bicycles. “

A Convincing Design

The head of the city planning office, Martin Hunscher, underlines the importance of the competition procedure for the entrance to the Hafen Park Quarter: “Even with strict urban planning requirements, excellent work with very different planning approaches was presented. With their design, the award winners delivered a convincing concept using an interplay of a classic building block and an innovative approach to the morphology of a 60-meter high-rise. “

Thorsten Testorp, managing partner of B&L Group, says: “I am pleased that the jury selected this excellent design for the keystone of the Harbor Park Quarter. It combines the functional requirements of a modern office building with attractive architecture on Hanauer Landstrasse. “

The architect Claudia Meixner from Meixner Schlüter Wendt Architects said: “From the different visual axes and height levels of the surroundings, we have developed a symbolic ensemble with a special highlight. The Harbor Park Quartier Offices project is the new, striking entrance to the Harbor Quarter and the Honsell Bridge [Honsellbrücke]”.

The designs from the architecture competition are presented in the Planning Department for two weeks from Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

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