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Construction Site Cameras for Day and Night

Construction cams are a nice tool: they deliver high-resolution photos of a construction site day and night. A large number of construction site webcams have been installed in Frankfurt in recent years. Hi.Res.Cam is one of the providers of high-resolution construction site cameras. The company has been equipping construction sites in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with webcams since 2012. Hi.Res.Cam has already documented numerous high-rise building sites with their intelligent camera system – including Frankfurt construction projects such as the Henninger Turm, the Marienturm, or the b’mine Hotel at Frankfurt Airport.

Construction Monitoring vs Construction Surveillance

There are basically two types of camera systems in construction projects:

  • High-resolution photographic cameras with very large sensors taking detailed photos every few minutes
  • Conventional surveillance cameras with small sensors and lower image quality, capturing images at close intervals or recording a moving image

Both webcam systems are acceptable, but they serve different goals:

Webcams with conventional sensors enable better protection against unauthorized entry and theft due to the denser image interval, but their low image quality does not produce an appealing look for presentation.

Webcams using a photo-quality sensor do not film constantly but rather photograph the desired vantage at intervals of a few minutes. The collected images can be used for detailed analysis and project discussion or for public relations and marketing.

Large Sensors, Many Megapixels

The Hi.Res.Cam camera systems belong to the latter category and cannot be compared to standard cameras. Sensors with up to 50 megapixels, comparable in size to full-format cameras, deliver razor-sharp photos in brilliant colors day and night.

Mast, Roof, or Other Mount

The choice of location is crucial for putting the building project in the right light. A decent height affords a view of the project even in the late stages of construction. For this purpose special brackets are used to hold cameras securely in a variety of locations, assisted by a large stock of extra-high steel lattice masts.

Even if there is no ready perch for mounting a camera at a construction site or a neighboring building or light pole, the perfect location can be set up in a short time.

Construction Progress as a Time-Lapse Video

The individual high-resolution photos are saved every few minutes – the exact time interval is up to the customer. Subsequently, fully automated high-resolution video films can be created from the collected image material, which represent the construction progress as time lapse. In this way a few weeks to several years of construction can be condensed into a short film of just a few minutes. The preparation of such construction documentation in video format takes place in a data center without user intervention.

Repository Location of the Images

Immediately after its capture, image material from the camera is transferred to the Hi.Res.Cam data center using an encrypted data connection. In case of special requirements and specifications, storage can also take place on-site at the client’s company. The webcam images can be transferred independently from other connections via mobile radio with UMTS and LTE.

Skyline View From Home: The Skyline Webcam

Hi.Res.Cam is a real treat for lovers of Frankfurt. It also operates the Skyline Webcam, which photographs downtown Frankfurt every few minutes. It delivers sharp, zoomable, and above all atmospheric pictures, especially in the dark, whether in summer or in winter. You can appreciate the impressive quality of these webcam images, especially when you look at a section of this webcam’s view. The actual camera image of the webcam is many times larger.

By the way: This picture shows Frankfurt now and live!

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