Frankfurt Construction Activity on Architecture and Skyscrapers in April 2020

How Severely Does the Corona Virus Paralyze Construction Activity of High-Rise Buildings?

In the past few weeks, the global corona crisis has also been very noticeable in Frankfurt. Everyone feels the everyday restrictions in their personal life, be it at work, in their leisure time or simple things like shopping. But how much impact does the crisis have on the many high-rise construction sites in Frankfurt? The SKYLINE ATLAS visited all locations of the high-rise projects in mid-April 2020 to find an answer to this very question.

Empty Streets, but Activity on Construction Sites

Several dozen new skyscrapers in Frankfurt are currently under construction. The analysis of construction activity shows that more than 90% of the high-rise projects are still being worked on. So it is not currently possible to speak of a fundamental construction freeze or any significant impairment on construction sites. Only on a few construction sites were there no construction workers on weekdays.

No Restrictions on Prestige Projects

In particular, no restriction could be found in the taller and well-known high-rise towers. These include projects such as FOUR Frankfurt as well as large projects ONE, The Spin and EDEN.

Construction work on the FAZ Tower was resumed even after a break of several months that was not caused by the corona crisis. The last crane on the Grand Tower has been dismantled, extensions are underway and work is being carried out outside of the base of the building.

However, it remains to be seen what effects the crisis will have on investors and end-user demand.

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