ONE in Frankfurt

Frankfurt One - Tower 1 - Skyscraper by CA Immo - Panorama Frankfurt - September 2021
Floors: 49 above ground
Height: 190.85 meters
Completion: 07/2022
Status: under construction
Usage: office, hotel

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ONE Address

Brüsseler Straße 1-3

The high-rise project ONE (former project name: Tower One) is built at the border of the European District. The design is from MEURER ARCHITEKTUR + STADTPLANUNG and the developer is CA Immo. The office building has on one hand a minimalist conciseness, similar to a classic brand logo, but it can also be expected to have a high degree of economic efficiency in production and operation.

ONE is developed as a polygonal disk with a distinctive head formation in the main axis. The adjoining building contains a parking garage featuring 470 parking places and is added to the skyscraper as a supplement. Together, the two buildings form two trapezoid-shaped city squares, which open towards the city like a funnel.

Shared lobby of hotel and office areas
Open space office area of the ONE skyscraper
Tower ONE is a mixed use office and hotel skyscraper
A hotel room of the nhow hotel

Office Tower With a Hotel

The upper section of the skyscraper will contain office space. The lower floors will be occupied by NH Hotel Group featuring a hotel with restaurant and conference areas. There will be a shared lobby, co-working areas, and a skybar with surrounding outside areas at 185 meters (607 feet). The lobby will also feature a café and cocktail bar.

Overview of Usages

Skybar featuring open-air access: 47th floor
Offices: 22rd to 46th floor
Co-working: 19th to 21st floor
Technical equipment: 17th/18th floor
Co-working: 15th/16th floor
Hotel: 1st to 14th floor (conferencing: 2nd/3rd floor)
Lobby: ground floor

Rooftop skybar with open air access

Technology and gastronomy of the ONE are housed on the high-rise roof in two attic floors. The official height of ONE is 190.85 meters (626 feet) to the top of the parapet. The building maintenance unit is usually parked below the top edge of the roof. Only during the operating time of the facade access system is moved above the parapet.

ONE Height - Tower ONE Frankfurt official height - plan - diagram - parapet roof - parapet floors

The building automation of ONE was implemented with systems from Sauter.

Planning and Construction


July 2022: The tax consulting firm WTS has signed a lease for 4,900 square meters and will move its headquarters to ONE in the fall of 2023. This means that the pre-lease rate is now 72%. On June 30, formal building inspection also took place. This means that, among other things, the installation of all building services, fire alarm systems and all elevator systems has been carried out in a technically flawless manner. The systems are operational and people’s safety is guaranteed. As a result, the first tenants can move into the high-rise building and nothing stands in the way of regular office operations.

Status May 2022: The occupancy rate is now 60%. CA IMMO indicates a total investment volume of around 431 million euros. Handover to the NH Hotel as the first tenant will take place towards the end of the second quarter of 2022. Furthermore, the building was the first high-rise in Germany and in Central Europe to be awarded the Smartscore certificate of the highest category Platinum by Wiredscore.


Status October 2021: CA Immo has signed a 10-year lease with the Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Crédit Agricole CIB) for around 3,000 square meters (323,000 square feet) of office space on two floors. Crédit Agricole CIB will move its headquarters for Germany to the mixed-use building in March 2023. With the conclusion of this rental agreement, the ONE is already about 59% rented.

New Office Space Frankfurt - Tower ONE in Frankfurt, Germany - October 2021

Status July 2021: The company Baker Tilly has signed a 12-year lease for 4,500 square meters (48,438 square feet) of rental space, which extends over three floors.

Status July 2021: Senior Project Manager Otmar Püchert of the HOCHTIEF construction group explains the ONE high-rise project and guides us through the construction site.

One Frankfurt - Tower 1 Frankfurt - New Skyscraper Europe - Developed by CA Immo - Architect Meurer - July 2021 - construction site
Tower 1 Frankfurt, Germany - New Skyscraper Europe - CA Immo - June 2021
one good idea - Tower 1 - Tower One Frankfurt - skyscraper construction site - May 2021 - CA Immo

Since March 2021 ONE is the sixth tallest building in the city after MAIN TOWER. The high-rise buildings The Spin, Grand Tower and EDEN are being built in the immediate vicinity of ONE.

Tower One - Tower 1 Frankfurt - construction status March 2021
ONE January 2021 - Frankfurt skyscraper 2021

As of December 2020: The ONE has reached a height of 183 meters (600 feet). This means that only a few meters are missing to the final height of almost 191 meters (626 feet).

ONE Frankfurt in December 2020
Tower 1 Frankfurt - ONE Frankfurt - New skyscraper by CA Immo - October 2020 construction site
Frankfurt Tower ONE - Neues Hochhaus der CA Immo - Baustelle ONE - ONE Baufortschritt Oktober 2020 - Architekt Meurer Generalplanung

Status September 2020: The coworking provider Spaces will operate a coworking center in ONE.

ONE FRankfurt - Tower 1 - One good idea - CA Immo skyscraper at Messe Frankfurt next to Skyline Plaza shopping center - August 2020
ONE GOOD IDEA - Tower One Frankfurt - ONE Skyscraper - CA Immo
ONE GOOD IDEA - Tower ONE - high-rise building ONE in the Frankfurt exhibition district next to the Skyline Plaza shopping center - construction site April 2020

Status February 2020: The higher ONE gets, the more visible it becomes in the cityscape. Here a view from the Messe roundabout towards the Skyline Plaza shopping center. In the background: Grand Tower, left: MesseTurm.

Tower ONE Frankfurt - skyscraper at Skyline Plaza shopping center - construction situation as of February 2020 - background: Grand Tower - left: MesseTurm

Status January 2020: The skyscraper ONE received a platinum pre-certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). This green building certificate is the highest issued by DGNB and can only be received by buildings that meet 37 sustainability criteria above average.

ONE GOOD IDEA - ONE skyscraper in Frankfurt - Skyscraper in Europaviertel Frankfurt at Skyline Plaza - August 2019
ONE skyscraper in Frankfurt - under construction in April 2019 - office tower by CA Immo
ONE Frankfurt - skyscraper - skyscraper Frankfurt - under construction

Status October 2018: The official groundbreaking ceremony took place.

Status March 2018: Excavation works for the foundations of the skyscraper have not yet started.

TOWER ONE Frankfurt - highrise - March 2018 - construction site

Status October 2017: The building fence has been set up, but the construction work is moving slowly.

ONE - Baustelle September 2017
Frankfurt One - Tower 1 - Skyscraper by CA Immo - Panorama Frankfurt - September 2021

The project ONE in the Frankfurt city model of the Planning Department:

The ONE project as seen from Central Station:

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