CA Immo Germany - CA Immo Frankfurt

CA Immo

CA Immo is a listed project developer and property manager with headquarters in Vienna (Austria) and officially operates as CA Immo Anlagen AG. The German business of the real estate company is controlled from Frankfurt (Germany) using the company CA Immo Deutschland GmbH. The core business is divided into the business areas of existing properties and real estate assets in development. In addition to the management of existing properties, CA Immo in Germany focuses on the development and realization of new properties up to entire city districts. CA Immo employs a total of around 400 people.

Through the subsidiaries omniCon and Deutsche Realitäten (DRG), CA Immo also has expertise in the areas of construction management and property management. The company’s core market is Central Europe (Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania).

As part of the expansion plans for the markets in Germany, CA Immo took over the German Vivico Real Estate GmbH in December 2007 for 1.03 billion euros.

Real Estate Projects of CA Immo

The real estate projects implemented and planned by CA Immo Deutschland in the Frankfurt City Region include Tower 185, ONE, and the Skyscrapers on the Millennium Area (all of these projects are located in the European District of Frankfurt).

Tower 185 in Frankfurt
Frankfurt One - Tower 1 - Skyscraper by CA Immo - Panorama Frankfurt - September 2021
Millennium Tower - Germany's tallest skyscraper

CA Immo is also planning the long-term development of the Campanile site with a high-rise tower.