Drone film Frankfurt - Drone pilot Frankfurt - Skyscrapers Frankfurt during the Corona Crisis - Financial District Aerial Movie in April 2020

SILENCE – Frankfurt From the Air During the Coronavirus Lockdown in April 2020

SKYLINE ATLAS regularly reports on news about high-rise buildings and urban development in Frankfurt. This production, which shows the almost empty European banking capital, was created during the Corona crisis.

The recent video project by Thomas Gessner, who is an editorial member of the SKYLINE ATLAS, shows how much the corona pandemic has brought life to a standstill in our city. He used the early morning hours to capture impressions of the deserted streets of Frankfurt with the drone and to process them into a melancholy, beautiful document of the times. Whether Messe, Innenstadt (Downtown) or Ostend, the atmosphere looks almost abstract without human activity. Images that we hope will no longer be seen in the future. Images that should also be documented to remind us that a city lives from community and humanity.

What could not be brought to a standstill at this time are the current construction projects. During the lockdown, construction continued on the city’s major construction sites. Because Frankfurt’s urban development cannot afford a delay.

Now it seems only a matter of time before the pulse of the city can be felt completely again. Frankfurt can show that it is one of the most livable cities in Germany when business and culture blossom again. We are looking forward to it.

SILENCE - Frankfurt From the Air During the Coronavirus Lockdown in April 2020

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On our own behalf: These professional drone recordings were created with all the necessary legal requirements, such as an ascent permit, proof of knowledge and aviation liability insurance. The Frankfurt traffic department has also given its approval to this project and was informed about every flight operation.

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