Goethe Tower

The Goethe Tower (in German: Goetheturm) is an observation tower built primarily of wood in autumn 2020 on the northern edge of the Frankfurt city forest. The tower named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was the tallest publicly accessible wooden structure in Germany until 1999 when it was replaced by the Millennium Tower in Magdeburg.



How Severely Does the Corona Virus Paralyze Construction Activity of High-Rise Buildings?

In the past few weeks, the global corona crisis has also been very noticeable in Frankfurt. Everyone feels the everyday restrictions in their personal life, be it at work, in their leisure time or simple things like shopping. But how much impact does the crisis have on the many high-rise construction sites in Frankfurt? The



SILENCE – Frankfurt From the Air During the Coronavirus Lockdown in April 2020

SKYLINE ATLAS regularly reports on news about high-rise buildings and urban development in Frankfurt. This production, which shows the almost empty European banking capital, was created during the Corona crisis. The recent video project by Thomas Gessner, who is an editorial member of the SKYLINE ATLAS, shows how much the corona pandemic has brought life