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Frankfurt Planning Department

What does the Head of Planning do?

The Head of Planning in Frankfurt is leading the city’s governmental body which is responsible for urban planning and construction in the respective epoch (currently this area is summarized in the Planning and Housing Department – called the Planning Department for short). At the city level, the department head performs similar tasks to a federal minister at the federal level, only for the city. The current Head of Planning is Mike Josef (SPD – social democratic party).

The Head of Planning is usually at least responsible for urban planning, construction supervision and surveying. In some cases, tasks such as building construction, transport, real estate, and monument conservation are also included. The following offices are currently part of the Planning Department:

  • Housing Office
  • Construction Supervision
  • Monument Office
  • Planning Office
  • Survey Office

List of the people who led the Planning Department in the City of Frankfurt, who were previously responsible for urban planning and construction:

Period Head of Planning or Construction Party
1925–1930 Ernst May
1931–1938 Reinhold Niemeyer NSDAP
1946–1948 Eugen Blanck SPD
1948–1954 Moritz Wolf SPD
1954–1955 Adolf Miersch from 1950 in no party
1956–1972 Hans Martin Kampffmeyer SPD
1972–1975 Hanns Adrian
1975–1977 Hans-Erhard Haverkampf SPD
1978–1989 Hans Küppers CDU
1989–2000 Martin Wentz SPD
2000–2012 Edwin Schwarz CDU
2012–2016 Olaf Cunitz GREENS
2016– Mike Josef SPD

In the past the responsibilities have changed again and again, and tasks have been adapted to the requirements of the respective epochs. According to the Hessian municipal code, the Lord Mayor has the right to assign the city councilors their duties. Since more and more tasks of the city administration have been outsourced to municipal companies, the Department Heads have been responsible not only for the respective offices but also for the companies. In the case of planning, these are, for example: housing association ABG Frankfurt Holding, Messe Frankfurt GmbH and numerous others.

The Office for Construction and Real Estate (ABI) is not a responsibility of the Planning Department.

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