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Historic City Hall Frankfurt - Seat of the Lord Mayer Frankfurt - Römer - Roemer City Hall

What exactly does the Lord Mayor do?

Lord Mayor is an official title of the head of the city and is used in many large cities and other cities in Germany. The Lord Mayor is the chief of the City of Frankfurt and works in the town hall, where he manages the administrative business together with his employees and makes all important decisions. The mayor is based in the Römer, the historic town hall building in the old town.

The Mayor of Frankfurt is elected by the citizens and has the task of representing their interests. A mayor should like to have contact with other people and be open to his citizens. Sometimes he is also a representative, i.e. a representative of the city, or visits kindergartens and schools, for example. His working day often ends late in the evening because he often still attends meetings or other events. In addition to the mayor, there is usually one or more mayors, as well as division heads responsible for specific topics.

List of the last mayors of Frankfurt:

Period Name Party Note
1946-1956 Walter Kolb SPD  
1956-1964 Werner Bockelmann SPD    
1964-1970 Willi Brundert SPD  
1970-1971 Walter Möller SPD  
1972-1977 Rudi Arndt SPD  
1977-1986 Walter Wallmann CDU  
1986-1989 Wolfram Brück CDU  
1989-1991 Volker Hauff SPD  
1991-1995 Andreas von Schoeler SPD  
1995-2012 Petra Roth CDU directly elected for the first time
since 2012 Peter Feldmann SPD elected until 2024

The office of the Frankfurt mayor only existed since 1868. The City of Frankfurt was a city-state until 1866 and was occupied by Prussian troops in the German War on July 16, 1866. On October 3, 1866, Prussia annexed the Free City of Frankfurt and incorporated it into the newly created province of Hesse-Nassau. Until the annexation by Prussia, there were two heads of town who were in office for a year, called the “older mayor” and the “younger mayor”. The last older mayor, Viktor Fellner, committed suicide in 1866 when the Free City of Frankfurt was annexed by Prussia.

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