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City of Frankfurt - ABI - Office of Construction and Real Estate

What does the Office for Construction and Real Estate do?

The Office for Construction and Real Estate (Amt für Bau und Immobilien – short name ABI) has been centrally managing the real estate portfolio of the City of Frankfurt since 2017. The building and property management of the City of Frankfurt is responsible for the construction and operation of an extensive building and property portfolio. The portfolio comprises around 3,500 urban buildings and 44,000 plots with a total area of ​​around 98 million square meters. The ABI is the central contact for all urban needs in construction and real estate issues. The Office for Construction and Real Estate belongs to Division V of the City of Frankfurt (Construction and Real Estate, Reform Projects, Citizen Service and IT) and therefore not in the area of ​​competence of Division IV (Planning and Housing).

The ABI bundles the technical, technical and real estate competencies in the city administration so that action is possible over the entire life cycle of the property. This is intended to achieve a continuous further development and improvement of all processes and tasks of the office.

The Office for Construction and Real Estate is divided into the departments Central Services (25.1), Object Management (25.2), Real Estate Management (25.3), Infrastructural Facility Management (25.4) Building Construction and Technology (25.5) and Central Technical Services (25.6) with the following tasks :

Central Services

In the department, the classic cross-sectional tasks for the entire organization and its departments are performed.

Object Management

The department is the central point of contact for urban property users across all life cycle phases of the property. The object management is responsible for the economic and administrative management of the property. In the life cycle phases of conception, planning and construction, the object management takes on the building owner role and uses the services of the building construction and technology department as a service provider for the implementation of the construction measures. In order to be able to organize the tasks of the support during the operation and use phase closely to the property operation and the users to be looked after, the object management has its own staff with technical and technical expertise (technical object management).

Property Management

The property management department largely reflects the tasks of the previous property office. In real estate management, all tasks related to the management of the proof of the urban property, the purchase and sale of land and buildings, the rental and leasing respectively. the provision of buildings and areas, the establishment, management and termination of leasehold agreements as well as property accounting.

Infrastructure Facility Management

In this department, the infrastructural support of the real estate portfolio of the city of Frankfurt am Main, such as cleaning the buildings, building security, but also services related to winter maintenance, green maintenance, disposal and removals, is organized and implemented centrally.

Building Construction and Technology

This department is responsible for the tasks of technical supervision of measures in the life cycle phases of conception, planning and construction. The department mainly takes on the tasks of project management (project management and project control). He is a technical and technical consultant for property management (as an ABI internal measure provider) and for the technical users in the early phase of the project. After approval of the measure, the department takes over the task of the building owner and carries out the measure on its own responsibility, but in close coordination with the property management and the real estate user.

Central Technical Services

The department performs construction-related technical tasks that are important for the technical property management (in the property management department) in the life cycle phase of operation and use as well as for the building construction and technology department in the life cycle phase of conception, planning, construction and renovation / modernization. The department’s areas of responsibility include: a. the tendering and awarding of architectural and engineering contracts, cost and schedule planning as well as building cost recording, energy management as well as building security and special building inspection.

The responsible city councilor for Division V, which also includes the Office for Construction and Real Estate, is Jan Schneider (CDU – convervative party).

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