Harbour Park Quarter

Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt - Hochhaus Molenkopf

The B&L Gruppe (“B&L Group”) from Hamburg is developing three major projects at the Osthafen (“Eastern Harbour”) in Frankfurt, where 500 apartments, a hotel, a 60-meter high office tower and a day care centre are to be built. On a neighbouring site east of Honsellstrasse, which is still part of the city, 150 apartments are being built, of which 50 are subsidised rental apartments. The project developer also bought the Molenkopf from the city in Osthafen to build a hotel tower up to 60 meters high. A total of five high-rise buildings with at least 10 floors each are due to be created in the Harbour Park Quarter (“Hafenpark Quartier“) project.

Status September 2019: The following aerial photograph of Harbor Park Quarter was taken during a skyline flight with a helicopter.

Harbor Park Quarter in Frankfurt - Hafenpark Quartier - aerial photo - new apartments are erected - construction as of September 2019

As of August 2019: The individual colors in this paragraph refer to the map below. The construction work on the block development in the eastern part (red) will be completed in the coming months. The construction work on the three towers in the construction area south are in full swing (yellow/green). The construction work on the construction fields North (blue) and the southern Molenkopf (pink) have not started yet.

Hafenpark Quartier in Frankfurt of the B & L Group from Hamburg - High-rise buildings with apartments, offices and hotel - Frankfurt Osthafen - Construction site August 2019

Status March 2019: The architectural competition for the development of the Molenkopf in the Osthafen Frankfurt has been completed. The project is called Waterfront and the winner of the competition is the architecture firm Barkow Leibinger from Berlin.

Here the visualization of the construction field south:

Hafenpark Osthafen Frankfurt

Status December 2017: Scandic Frankfurt Hafenpark was announced as the first tall concrete project. It will have a total of 505 rooms and more than 2000 square meters of conference and event space on 11 floors. The hotel will also feature a restaurant, bar, fitness facilities and one of the largest ballrooms in Frankfurt at 600 square meters. The opening of the project is due in 2021. Here is the visualisation of the Scandic Hotel:

Scandic Hotel Frankfurt Hafenpark

Status January 2018: More details about the project have become available, and are presented in the following overview. Please note that the architectural designs of the two north and south towers are temporary, as no architectural design has been chosen for them yet.

Hafenpark-Quartier in Frankfurt Germany - Harbor Park Quarter

As of November 2017: The construction works on Hafenpark Quartier Ost (east of the Honsellstrasse, where no towers are to be built) have started.

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