Harbor Park Quarter (HPQ) in Frankfurt

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Floors: 17 above ground
Gross floor area: 39,500 m2
Completion: 11/2026
Status: under construction
Usage: hotel, residential, office

Harbor Park Quarter (HPQ) Address

City: Frankfurt
District: Ostend
Zone: City East

Location Rating

Score: 75 of 100
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B&L Gruppe project developer
Hadi Teherani architecture office
Lupp construction company

B&L Group from Hamburg is developing a project named Harbor Park Quarter (Hafenpark Quartier) in Frankfurt’s City East that consists of several components. The new building project is being built directly on the river Main, next to the new headquarters of the European Central Bank. Upon completion, the HP Quarter will have around 610 apartments, offices, a daycare center and hotel space. The hotel areas are being built in the Scandic Conference Hotel and the Waterfront Hotel (in the “Contemporary Luxury” segment). Subsidized rental apartments were also built on the area east of Honsellstrasse.

The property developer B&L Group is building a total of four high-rise buildings with at least 10 storeys in the Hafenpark Quarter project.

Harbor Park Quarter

  • Lot size: approx. 29,200 square meters
  • Gross floor area: approx. 180,000 square meters
  • Housing: approx. 72,000 square meters
  • Day care center: approx. 1,000 square meters
  • Office: approx. 58,000 square meters
  • Retail: approximately 2,000 square meters
  • Conference hotel: approx. 22,000 square meters
  • Waterfront Hotels: approx. 25,000 square meters
  • Parking spaces: approx. 1,440 square meters
HPQ Frankfurt - Harbor Park Quarter Frankfurt - Real Estate Investment Frankfurt - New building - investment potential

The flat residential buildings (red) in the eastern part of the Harbor Park Quarter (HPQ) project were already completed in 2019. Construction work on the hotel and residential buildings (green / yellow) is currently underway and is expected to be completed by 2021/2022. The construction work on the office buildings (blue) and the hotel tower (pink) have not yet started. The whole construction work is scheduled to end in 2026.

Architect Hadi Teherani on the Hafenpark Quartier

The architecture office led by Hadi Teherani is behind the design of the HPQ LIVING building. In the following interview taken with Jasmin Wagner from JLL Residential, the star architect explains the ideas for planning and implementation.

Hadi Teherani: Interview about Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt

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HPQ 1st Construction Phase (2020) - Max & Sophie

The first construction phase was the Max & Sophie buildings. A balanced mix of subsidized and independent housing construction takes into account the demand in all categories of the Frankfurt housing market. With a total of around 320 rental apartments for singles, couples and families, the range in Ostend is being expanded. Contemporary architecture and an excellent infrastructure, including Having a daycare center in the neighborhood guarantees future residents an urban quality of life.

Max & Sophie - Hafenpark Quartier - Harbor Park Quarter Frankfurt - residential units for sale or lease
  • Gross floor area: approx. 32,500 square meters
  • Retail: approximately 2,000 square meters
  • Residential units: approx. 320
  • Day care places: approx. 100
  • Parking spaces: approx. 220
  • Completion: 1st quarter 2020
  • Architects: AS + P (Frankfurt) and prasch buken partner architects (Hamburg)

HPQ 2nd Construction Phase (2023) - Scandic Conference Hotel

The second construction phase of the Hafenpark Quarter project is the Scandic Hotel, which will be built by 2023. The conference hotel with approx. 505 rooms and a large conference area is part of the spectacular design with which the architect Hadi Teherani was able to win the competition announced by the B&L Group and the City of Frankfurt. The operator of this hotel in the upscale business segment will benefit from the close proximity to the European Central Bank and the short distances to the city center.

Scandic Hotel Frankfurt Ostend - Frankfurt East End real estate - European Central Bank Hotel
  • Gross floor area: approx. 22,000 square meters
  • Hotel space: approx. 500
  • Conference area: approx. 2,000 square meters
  • Parking spaces: approx. 150
  • Completion: 2023
  • Architects: prasch buken partner architects (Hamburg), Hadi Teherani Architects (Hamburg)
  • Lessee: Scandic Hotels Group AB (Sweden)

HPQ 3rd Construction Phase (2022/2023) - HPQ Living

In the third construction phase of the HPQ project, high-quality condominiums are being built with views of the river Main and the Frankfurt skyline. Two-storey townhouses, apartment apartments and penthouses with apartment sizes for a wide variety of requirements are grouped around a spacious, green courtyard. The highlights of the winning design from the pen of Hadi Teherani Architects are two high-rise apartment buildings, which significantly shape the external appearance of the quarter on its waterfront.

Buy Frankfurt real estate at HPQ Frankfurt - Ostend - ECB apartment
  • Gross floor area: approx. 39,500 square meters
  • Residential units: approx. 290
  • Parking spaces: approx. 250
  • Completion: 2023
  • Architect: Hadi Teherani Architects (Hamburg)

HPQ 4th Construction Phase (2023) - Waterfront Hotel

The fourth construction phase in the Harbor Park Quarter is a 21-storey hotel building that is being built on the so-called Molenspitze directly next to the river Main. From here you have a breathtaking view of the banks of the Main and the Frankfurt skyline from every level. A boutique hotel in the “Contemporay Luxury” segment is planned for the waterfront. The highlights of this property will be a plaza with sky bar and terrace on the 12th floor as well as an area open to the public on the lower quay.

Frankfurt Riverview apartments - new hotel tower - Frankfurt HPQ - new highrise building next to ECB - Hotel ECB
  • Gross floor area: approx. 25,000 square meters
  • Boutique hotel: approx. 300 guest rooms
  • Parking spaces: approx. 40
  • Completion: 2023
  • Architect: Barkow Leibinger Society of Architects (Berlin)

HPQ 5th Construction Phase (2024-2026) - Office Campus

The last construction phase of the Harbor Park Quarter consists of two building parts on the Hanauer Landstrasse street. With its 17 floors, the office tower is the highlight of the new quarter that can be seen from afar. The future tenants benefit from the excellent transport links, the proximity to the European Central Bank and, last but not least, the view of the Frankfurt skyline.

ECB office building - HPQ Frankfurt - planned office building
  • Gross floor area: approx. 61,000 square meters
  • Rental space: approx. 55,000 square meters
  • Jobs: approx. 1,500
  • Parking spaces: cars approx. 800 and bicycles
  • Jobs: approx. 1,500
  • Completion: 2024-2026
  • Architect: Meixner Schlueter Wendt Architects (Frankfurt)

Planning and Construction

Hafenpark - Ostend -Frankfurt - Neubau - Hotel

Status April 2022: The shell has been completed, facade work is underway on components 1 to 6, and work has begun on the interior.

Status February 2022: The structures of the HPQ LIVING ensemble have already been largely fitted with window elements and the installation of the facades has started.

ECB Apartments in Frankfurt - New residential units under construction - October 2021 - HPQ Living
Frankfurt HPQ - New Frankfurt condominiums for sale - August 2021
Frankfurt Scandic Hotel ECB - construction site HPQ - June 2021
HPQ Living - Hafenpark Quartier Living - Construction site June 2021 - Freehold apartments Ostend FFM
Frankfurt Ostend aparments to buy or rent - April 2021 HPQ
HPQ Frankfurt - apartments next to the ECB headquarters - Hafenpark Quarter - February 2021
HPQ Frankfurt - Hafen Park Quarter - Apartments Ostend Frankfurt - construction status January 2021

Status January 2021: Generali Real Estate is buying the two residential buildings Max & Sophie from the B&L Group. A total of 316 apartments and several commercial units changed hands. The two properties are located in the north-east of the project development between Hanauer Landstrasse, Honsellstrasse, and Mayfahrtstrasse.

Frankfurt HPQ - Hafen Park Quartier - Harbor Park Quarter - Construction Site - New Apartments and Hotel - October 2020
Towers at Frankfurt East End - Ostpark
Harbor Park Quarter Frankfurt (Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt) - left side of the lot: Scandic Hotel will rise here; right side: condominium building will be constructed here - construction site Nov 2019

Status September 2019: The following aerial photograph of Harbor Park Quarter was taken during a skyline flight with a helicopter.

Harbor Park Quarter in Frankfurt - Hafenpark Quartier - aerial photo - new apartments are erected - construction as of September 2019

As of August 2019: The individual colors in this paragraph refer to the map below. The construction work on the block development in the eastern part (red) will be completed in the coming months. The construction work on the three towers in the construction area south are in full swing (yellow/green). The construction work on the construction fields North (blue) and the southern Molenkopf (pink) have not started yet.

Hafenpark Quartier in Frankfurt of the B & L Group from Hamburg - High-rise buildings with apartments, offices and hotel - Frankfurt Osthafen - Construction site August 2019

Status March 2019: The architectural competition for the development of the Molenkopf in the Osthafen Frankfurt has been completed. The project is called Waterfront and the winner of the competition is the architecture firm Barkow Leibinger from Berlin.

Here the visualization of the construction field south:

Hafenpark Osthafen Frankfurt

Here is a computer animation of the HPQ Quarter Frankfurt including a site plan:

Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt - Hochhaus Molenkopf

Status December 2017: Scandic Frankfurt Hafenpark was announced as the first tall concrete project. It will have a total of 505 rooms and more than 2000 square meters of conference and event space on 11 floors. The hotel will also feature a restaurant, bar, fitness facilities and one of the largest ballrooms in Frankfurt at 600 square meters. The opening of the project is due in 2021. Here is the visualisation of the Scandic Hotel:

Scandic Hotel Frankfurt Hafenpark

As of November 2017: The construction works on Hafenpark Quartier Ost (east of the Honsellstrasse, where no towers are to be built) have started.

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