Waterfront Tower at Main river shore

A prominent section of the Eastern Harbor in Frankfurt (called “Molenkopf” in German) is to be built with a hotel tower called Waterfront. For the new construction, an architectural competition took place in which nine architectural firms had participated. The jury has now announced the winner for the construction of the Molenkopf: The architectural firm Barkow Leibinger from Berlin has therefore been awarded and will deliver its design. The project is being developed at the Osthafenbrücke in Frankfurt by the B&L Gruppe (“B&L Group”) from Hamburg.

On an area of ​​1,400 square meters (15,000 square feet), 26,000 square meters (280,000 square feet) of above-ground gross floor area will be created. A few parking places are realized below the roundabout. In total, Harbor Park Quarter, which also compromises of the Waterfront Hotel, comprises more than 180,000 square meters (1,938,000 square feet) of above-ground gross floor space with 600 apartments, three hotel concepts, office and retail space and a day care center.

In the Waterfront tower, two hotel concepts are planned. Up to the 12th floor, 300 guest rooms will be realized together with an international hotel brand. The upper storeys will house 120 guest rooms from B&L’s own Clipper hotel brand. A special highlight is the Skyline Bar on the 12th floor, from which one will have breathtaking views of the Frankfurt CBD skyline and the nearby European Central Bank.

The quay at the foot of the Waterfront project will also be open to the public and extend the Harbor Park to the east. Here, the B&L Gruppe plans to establish an attractive outdoor restaurant in the style of a beach club. The B&L Gruppe plans to submit the building application for the fall in 2019 so that construction work can commence in the spring of 2020.

The completion and opening of the two Waterfront hotels is scheduled for 2022.

Harbor Park Quarter in Frankfurt - Hafenpark Quartier - new hotels at ECB site
In March 2019, the results of the architectural competition concering the Waterfront development were shown in the planning department. Here are some pictures of this exhibition:
Waterfront by B&L Gruppe - 1st prize winner Barkow Leibinger

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  1. Michael Wutzke say: 4 years ago Reply

    In 1912, a slender tower was proposed to be constructed on the Molenkopf in the Eastern Harbor, which was unfortunately never built.

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