Lyoner Strasse 11 in Frankfurt, Germany - dormitory for hotel employees - furnished apartments

High rents: dormitory for hotel employees takes shape

The high rents for apartments in Frankfurt are no longer just a problem for those looking for a flat. Because many people from the middle class can hardly afford life in the urban area FrankfurtRhineMain, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers such as hotels to find new employees. The remedy is Germany’s first dormitory for hotel employees.

Some hotels have already set them up: they have their own staff houses or rent apartments, which are provided to their own staff. But there is still a lack of affordable housing for their own employees.

That is why the Dehoga (German Hotel and Restaurant Association) is now breaking new ground. In the future, hoteliers will be able to rent a special boarding house at Lyoner Strasse 11, which is currently being converted from an office building. The Evan-Gruppe (Evan Group) will set up a total of 375 small apartments by the end of 2021, exclusively for employees from the hotel and catering industry. The Boarding House Lyoner Strasse 11 is rented out at around 30 to 35 hotels, which can then assign rooms to their trainees or new employees.

600 euros rent per month for 19 square meters of living space

It will cost nearly 600 euros per month for a furnished room warm including kitchen and bathroom – 19 square meters in size. According to an employee of the landlord Evan Group, this is the first such offer especially for hotels in Germany. The Evan Group sees this as a business model and wants to offer it in other cities.

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