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Facade design of DB Tower revealed

The winner of the design competition for Deutsche Bahn AG’s DB Tower in the European District has been chosen: While the building follows a design by schmidtploecker Architekten, Aldinger Architekten from Stuttgart have now provided the exterior appearance.

The competition was organized by Aurelis Real Estate, in cooperation with the City of Frankfurt. The jury consisted of Mike Josef, head of Planning Department of the City of Frankfurt; Martin Hunscher, Urban Planning Department of the City of Frankfurt; Joachim Wieland, CEO of Aurelis; and renowned architects from the region and other representatives of Deutsche Bahn and Aurelis. Five other architectural offices participated in the competition alongside Aldinger Architekten.

The 60-meter-high DB Tower (approximately 29,000 square meters of rental space) is being built along with the planned office building The Brick (approximately 23,000 square meters of rental space). Aurelis will be constructing both buildings for Deutsche Bahn. The two companies signed a long-term lease in October 2017.

The main objective of the competition was to unify the two buildings in a harmonious yet exciting way. The Brick will be built according to the design of schmidtploecker Architekten from Frankfurt. Aldinger Architekten will work closely together with schmidtploecker. The Frankfurt architects had already been commissioned with the overall planning for The Brick and the DB Tower before the competition.

The short construction period also had to be taken into account in evaluating the competition results. Deutsche Bahn would like to move into the building by 2020.

“We wanted a campus atmosphere for this new company location,” explains Michael Rehschuh, Project Manager of Bürowelt Zentrale Personenverkehr at Deutsche Bahn AG. “Similar, but not the same, was the design requirement for the two buildings. Aldinger Architekten delivered a powerful design with their DB Tower, displaying a strong reference to The Brick.”

Mike Josef also praised the other contestants. “Each of the submitted works had a high level of functional and design quality. Aldinger Architekten, however, impressed with its façade structure, which fits in well with the existing buildings while setting a new accent on Europa-Allee.”

Aurelis had aleady broke ground on The Brick site last year. The construction work will be carried out by Züblin. Joachim Wieland on the implementation of the overall project: “The schedule is very ambitious. It helps us that planning for The Brick is already well underway.” The planning application for the DB Tower is due to be submitted in spring.

The designs of the six contestants will be exhibited from April 4 – 20, 2018 in the foyer of the Planning Department (Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 10, 60311 Frankfurt am Main) and can be viewed Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm.

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