Goodyear blimp over Frankfurt Germany - Zeppelin NT crusing over Frankfurt skyscrapers

Goodyear Zeppelin Hovers Over Frankfurt

Every day you can see planes over Frankfurt. But you rarely see an airship. This weekend the Zeppelin NT (NT = New Technology) will fly over the skyline of the European metropolis for several days. The zeppelin can be seen in the sky for many hours a day and only makes its laps just above the Frankfurt skyscrapers. The airship with Goodyear branding is operated by Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH, based in Friedrichshafen. It marks the latest chapter in an almost 100-year collaboration between Goodyear and Zeppelin.

The airship is 75 meters (246 feet) long and 18 meters (59 feet) high. It is currently the largest semi-rigid airship in the world. As a brand ambassador for Goodyear, the Zeppelin, which is also known internally as a “blimp”, is intended to provide unique aerial photos at various racing events in Europe. It is also used for tourist flights in Germany. Goodyear operates three other airships of the same type in the United States.

There you see the famous Goodyear airships in the sky more often, especially at major sporting events such as the American PGA golf tournament series, the Nascar races or the NBA basketball games. They also have a long tradition in Europe. However, the Goodyear blimps have not been in Europe since 2012. It is not known when the airship will next return here and whether it can be used to book sightseeing flights over Frankfurt.

If you haven’t seen the Zeppelin live before, you might be able to spot it in our live images from the Frankfurt skyline webcam on the home page.

Video About the Zeppelin Flight

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