Henninger-Turm in Frankfurt

Dining in the air – Henninger Turm 2017

The view restaurant in the new Henninger Turm is to open somewhat later than planned. According to operator Mook Group the opening was originally planned for the middle of the fourth quarter of 2017.

The opening of the viewing terrace, on the other hand, was accounced to take place earlier: from the end of September 2017, visitors were proposed to see the perfect view of the Frankfurt skyline from the 38th floor.

Status January 2018: The restaurant has still not opened. According to newspaper reports, it is not yet clear when the opening will take place.

Status May 2018: An insider tells the Skyline Atlas that the planned restaurant in the head of the Henninger Turm will not open until late summer 2018 due to “ongoing construction work”. Access will then be possible via a separate entrance area/own elevator.

Status Autumn 2018: The restaurant has been opened.

What are the top reasons when you think about the new restaurant in the Henninger Turm?

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