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Henninger tower in Frankfurt - skyline in the background - panoramic view and restaurant Franzsika in the spire

The Henninger Turm (“Henninger Tower“) is 140 meters tall and was built in the Sachsenhausen district, on the site of a former brewery bearing the same name. The new Henninger Turm is modelled on the original brewery silo, especially the barrel on the main building section. Compared to its predecessors, it has made clear headway. The Henninger Turm has a publicly accessible visitor terrace and a restaurant at the top of the tower. The high-rise was completed in November 2017.

Opening hours visitor platform: The observation platform at Henninger Turm is not intended for the public, it is part of Franziska restaurant. You have to be a paying guest of the restaurant to get to the observation deck. The observation deck has been permanently closed since September 2019 until the early summer of 2020. However, the tower restaurant is open.

Opening hours restaurant: The restaurant has been opened in autumn 2018. Daily open from 6 PM (online reservation required). The restaurant is offering services in a “progressive german vintage cuisine” style. During fall/winter you cannot access the observation deck from the restaurant.

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The view from the Henninger Turm in autumn 2019 to the silhouette of Frankfurt with its skyscrapers:

Henninger Turm in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen
Der Henninger Turm im Bau (August 2017)
Henninger-Turm in Frankfurt

An urban design by Jourdan & Müller PAS architects for the area around the old Henninger Tower. However, this originally proposed concept was never implemented, and thus neither were the proposed high-rise buildings.

Urban design study Frankfurt for the Henninger Turm area

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