Goethe Tower

The original Goethe Tower (in German: Goetheturm) was a 43.3 meter high wooden observation tower on the northern edge of the Frankfurt city forest. The Goethe Tower was a popular destination for locals and tourists until its fire in 2017. It was destroyed by arson on the night of 12 October 2017. Reconstruction of the



The city needs the opposite pole – Frankfurt Southbank

Frankfurt has a famous skyline. On an international scale, though, we are rather modest. As anyone who has graced cities such as London, Toronto or Chicago knows, Frankfurt still has much potential to unleash. In the foreign media, this sounds different: Frankfurt would be provincial, boring or a "Canary Wharf in the green". So what

Henninger Turm

The Henninger Turm ("Henninger Tower") is 140 meters tall and was built in the Sachsenhausen district, on the site of a former brewery bearing the same name. The new Henninger Turm is modelled on the original brewery silo, especially the barrel on the main building section. Compared to its predecessors, it has made clear headway.