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Urban Developments in Frankfurt: Between Past and Future

Interview with Architect and Urban Planner Prof. Jochem Jourdan

A city like Frankfurt doesn’t develop in a random way. The major urban development projects in Germany, such as the development of the European District, are subject to master plans, land-use plans, and zoning plans. In particular, the master plans for urban development were driven by the enormous economic rise of Frankfurt in the last 50 years, and are each used for certain city districts and subject areas. The development of new office building locations in particular used to be arbitrary and chaotic in the past, which led to conflicts in established city quarters.

With regard to new high-rise locations, the high-rise development plans in particular led to more planning security through the preparation of the later formal planning. On behalf of the City of Frankfurt, the architectural office Jourdan & Müller PAS presented the first high-rise development plan in 1997/1998 and a revised version later. One of the key people behind these plans is Prof. Dipl. Ing. Jochem Jourdan, who founded the office in 1970.

Jochem Jourdan is an honorary member of the BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten, a professional association of architects in Germany) and is one of the most prominent architects in Germany today. His most important works in Frankfurt include the state central bank on Taunusanlage, the House at the Cathedral (in German Haus am Turm), the House Goldene Waage in the New Old Town and the redesign of the Gerbermühle.

Professor Jochem Jourdan - Jourdan & Müller Steinhauser Architekten

Prof. Jochem Jourdan

Publication Soon

The conversation with Jochem Jourdan took place in September 2020 and will appear here soon. Readers of the SKYLINE NEWS will first have access to the interview.

Jochem Jourdan is an architect and studied at the Technical University of Darmstadt attending lectures of Theo Pabst, Karl Gruber, Max Guther, Hans Gerhard Evers, and passed the main diploma examination with Ernst Neufert in 1965. He was a research assistant at the chair of Professor Dr. Rolf Romero. He then founded Projektgruppe Architektur und Städtebau (lit. Architecture and Urban Development, PAS) in Darmstadt in 1970 with his partner Bernhard Müller. In 1978 a second office was opened in Kassel. The office has been in Frankfurt since 1980, where numerous urban planning projects as well as building projects in administrative, industrial, residential and cultural construction were carried out in the following years.

Building in historical buildings is one of Jourdan’s core competencies. The complex of the former Landeszentralbank Hessen on Taunusanlage in Frankfurt, which today houses the Frankfurt branch of Bundesbank, is an important work.

From 1980 to 2002 Jochem Jourdan was a university professor for design, building preservation and monument preservation at the University of Kassel. He is a member of the German Werkbund (DWB), the Association of German Architects (BDA), the Architects and Engineers Association (AIV) and the Association for Urban, Regional and State Planners (SRL).

The architectural office Jourdan & Müller PAS has now been renamed Jourdan & Müller Steinhauser Architekten. The main areas of activity are administrative buildings, existing buildings, industry and transport, and urban development. The office will be continued in the next generation by Benjamin Jourdan, Felix Jourdan, and Nicolai Steinhauser.

Correction: In an older version of this article it was stated that the high-rise development plan 2021 would be presented by Prof. Jochem Jourdan. This information is incorrect and has since been corrected.