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What is a high-rise plan?

Large cities use so-called development plans for better urban planning. Generally speaking, a development plan is an informal planning instrument in Germany to sound out development potentials in a city or in a district and to outline the prospects for its future use. It is not legally binding and is not subject to any standardized procedure.

A high-rise plan is a special framework plan for high-rise developments. High-rise plan is only a short name for the high-rise development plan, which is also called the high-rise framework plan and high-rise guideline. The high-rise plan first appeared in Frankfurt around 1998. A revision of the previous high-rise framework plans is planned for 2021. Overview of such plans:

High-rise development plan 1998
High-rise development plan 2008
High-rise development plan 2021 (planned)

Even before 1998 there were development plans in Frankfurt in which reference was made to high-rise developments. However, these were not explicitly designed as a development plan on tall buildings for the entire city.

Minds Behind the Original High-Rise Development Plans

Exchange of ideas with Jourdan & Müller Steinhauser Architekten about high-rise buildings and the high-rise framework plans in autumn 2020. Left in the picture: SKYLINE ATLAS editor Michael Wutzke. Right in the picture: Benjamin Jourdan, Nicolai Steinhauser, Felix Jourdan, and Jochem Jourdan, who worked together on the initial version of the high-rise development plan and its update. Our readers asked questions about these master plans, which were answered by Jochem Jourdan.

SKYLINE ATLAS meets Jourdan & Müller Steinhauser Architects. From left to right: Michael Wutzke, Benjamin Jourdan, Nicolai Steinhauser, Felix Jourdan, Jochem Jourdan - The model shows a design for the urban entertainment center later constructed in the European District

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